How to Change Where Your Screenshots Save On Your Mac

Have you ever wanted to know how to get those screenshots you take 1,000 times per day to NOT overload your desktop? Well, if you're using a Mac, I'm here to tell you how to change where screenshots save on your computer! I seriously take a million screenshots each week and they can get overwhelming so, a few years ago, I sought out a way to put them in their own folder automagically instead of me having to manually move them (because, let's face it, I never do). This is like magic…might as well give me a wizard hat.

Get ready to have your mind.blown.

Change where screenshots save

Change Where Screenshots Save

Just follow these easy steps:

Go to your Launchpad and into your “Other” folder. Inside the other folder is the Terminal.


Once inside the Terminal enter this string of text:

defaults write location ~/Dropbox/Screenshots 

*you will change the “Dropbox/Screenshots” to any folder where you want screenshots to go. You could easily use “/Desktop/Screenshots” or “/Documents/Screengrabs”.


Once you enter the text it will pop back through and give you another line of command. If you see an ERROR code then the text will need to be changed because it was entered correctly. Now you will need to enter the kill command letting the system know that you are finished entering the code. That kill command will be:

killall SystemUIServer

Now it should put all of your screenshots in the appropriate folder. In order to test this out just take a screenshot to make sure it is saving to the right location. Oh, and you do not have to save your screenshots to Dropbox, you can save them in any folder location of your choice.

So there you go! This will make your life easier than the time Apple released the wireless mouse.

If you're ready for the video version of this post, view it below as always.

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