Using Dropbox for #allthethings

For the longest time I was sort of “stand-off-ish” about DropBox and Google Drive because I didn't understand the point of having to move files from my computer to Dropbox just to use it, etc.

BUT THEN…I realized that you DON'T and so I use Dropbox for #allthethings. Here's how I use Dropbox in my business:

how I use Dropbox in my business

So, long-story-short, you can install the Dropbox app on your computer (I'm on a Mac) and then you can use it as folder just like you do with “documents” or your desktop – but – the difference is that

  • All of the files are easily shareable without having to move them somewhere else (which makes providing a free download or client proofs super easy – as seen in this tech tip)
  • The files are available ANYWHERE either by syncing with another device or by accessing on

Seriously, all you do is login to your Dropbox account and go to your name/photo in the top right corner and select INSTALL.

how I use Dropbox in my business

Then just click “install Dropbox” on the next screen.

how I use Dropbox in my business

Now, once everything is synced up, you can see your Dropbox folder(s) in your finder window (Mac) just like you would your desktop, etc.

how I use Dropbox in my business

Seriously, it's that freakin' easy (and there's a nice peek at my mess of a Dropbox folder, ha).

I save EVERYTHING here. If I need to shoot my assistant a file (or anyone else a file, I do it like this; if I need to access any of this from my iMac (desktop), MacBook (laptop) OR my phone, no problem; and if I want to access files from someone else, they just have to add me, I accept it and then I can see that folder here as well!

As seen in a previous post, I also save all of my screenshots in a folder specifically on Dropbox so they're not scattered throughout my Desktop (there's a setting inside of Dropbox that allows you to save your screenshots in Dropbox automatically but they're still very disorganized in the root folder, so I choose to do it my way…cause it's better, ha!).

Oh – one more thing, I'm a nervous nelly when it comes to the thought of losing any of my files so I also back this up using Time Machine (on an external hard drive) just like I would if these files were on my desktop/computer natively.

Bam…that's all folks, it's awesome, I know.

Want a video run-through of all this awesomeness? here ya go!

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