How to Download Your Facebook Live Videos

how to download facebook live videosY'all, this one is SO cool and so.freakin.easy.

Learn how to download Facebook Live videos!

Do you remember when Periscope was where all the cool kids hung out (like 4 months ago before FB live took over the world)? Well, one of the cool things about the ‘scope was that you could choose to auto-save your videos to your phone so you could repurpose (YouTube, Facebook, etc) but Facebook Live isn't all about your repurposing because, well, it's Facebook.

BUUTTT, it's crazy easy to download Facebook live videos – it's just not super obvious.

You might be sitting there wondering why in the world you might want to save these, well, like I mentioned above, you can repurpose them so you can upload them to YouTube, another Facebook outlet, partially to Instagram or use them in a blog post. Anytime you don't have to recreate content it's a good thing.

You also might be sitting there thinking that you don't need to be doing live video in your business and to that I say, “POOSHA!”, you so need to be using live video.

Alrighty then (name that movie 90's child), let's move on to the actual tutorial for today.

how to download facebook live videos

As always, if you want the video version, scroll to the bottom of this post and have at it.

  1. Navigate to the page/group where you did your Facebook Live broadcast and find it.
    how to download facebook live videos
  2. Click on the time it was posted right under your profile hyperlink.
    how to download facebook live videos
    If you ever need the direct link to a post in any page, group or profile, you can do this same thing – just click the time stamp and grab the URL out of the address bar.
  3. Go up to the address bar and replace the “www” with “m” so that the rest of the address is the same but it starts with “https://m.” .  Make sure you hit “enter”. This will take you to the mobile version of your post.
    how to download facebook live videos how to download facebook live videos
  4. Hit play and then right-click (you can also pause the video before you right-click but you must hit play first) and select “save video as”.
    how to download facebook live videos
  5. Select where you want to save the video and the format.


Seriously, crazy easy.

Don't forget to grab your info sheet just for you to figure out HOW to use live video in your business and how to use it to gain email subscribers, followers and customers.


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