Pinterest Marketing Best Practices and Strategies

Pinterest is a visual search engine that you should be using as a marketing tool! Follow a few Pinterest marketing best practices and strategies and you will be well on your way to growing traffic from Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Best Practices and Strategies

Wait, there are best practices for Pinterest Marketing?

Yes, friend! And you should take the time to implement these strategies and best practices so you can quit wasting time on Pinterest. If you’re not using it strategically, then there’s no point in using the platform. When you do use the platform with these best practices and strategies at hand, you will see why it is vital to have your business on Pinterest!

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The basics to improve your Pinterest account

Being that these are the basics, take 10 minutes and do this – like right now after you read it! Seriously. These are the basics that I notice on most accounts when clients hire me for Pinterest strategy sessions, so I’m giving you a little bit of free help here.

Profile Image

This should probably be a headshot, especially if you’re a personal business like Jessica. For Jessica, it would not make sense to see a logo because she is a personal business that her audience connects with her face. If you are a corporation like Target or you have a product-based business, go with your logo. Think about it this way, if people recognize you as the owner, use your headshot; if they don’t recognize the owner, but recognize the logo first, use the logo.

Best practices and strategies for Pinterest marketing

Display Name

Before you make something cute like “Ashleyyyyyyy – Boy Mom” I want to encourage you to think how potential clients, community members, etc will find you. If your name is Ashley and you’re a boy mom, but your business is a plant shop, no one is going to find you. Use either your name or your business name! You can also do a little hack like I did and use both your business name and what you do.

Best practices and strategies for Pinterest marketing


Claim it! Get that little check mark on your website under your display name. By claiming your website on Pinterest, you allow for better analytics and tracking. This is an easy best practice to implement. You will need to install some coding on the header of your website, but it’s super easy! The fun thing about claiming your website on Pinterest is that your display name and profile image will show up with any pins from your website. So even if someone else saves a pin from your website, your information will show up! (This also happens when you claim Instagram, Youtube, and/or Etsy or if you install the Pinterest app on Shopify!)

Best Practices and Strategies for Pinterest Beyond the Basics

The number one thing you can do to improve your Pinterest marketing is to pin and pin consistently. Don’t pin five graphics today and nothing for two weeks. Pinterest rewards consistency just like other search engines, YouTube and Google. 

If you cannot commit to live pinning 10-30 times per day, then use Tailwind. You can schedule out pins in intervals and find complementary content within Tailwind so you can do it in batches. Batching is gold, right?!

Eye-catching pin graphics and videos are the second most important best practice. The point of using pins is to get Pinterest users to CLICK to your website. If these pins do not grab their attention, you’re missing out on traffic. 

Pinterest marketing best practices and strategies

Traffic for most people is ad revenue, brand partnerships, more sales, and clients. So it is essential to use high-quality images and graphics with TEXT to entice Pinners to click! For further information about creating images that work best on Pinterest, read my post on Hey Jessica here.

Another best practice that gets overlooked way too often is a plethora of public boards. Public boards on your Pinterest profile should be two things: related to your content and attractive to your ideal client. Let’s go back to our  “Ashleyyyyyyy – Boy Mom” example. So Ashley has 100+ public boards and they have nothing to do with her plant shop nor her ideal client. Most of them are about toddler boy clothing, recipes, and mom quotes. 

While these boards are great if Ashley was a mom blogger, they don’t help her plant shop business. Before doing anything else, she should make any board that isn’t related to her business or ideal client SECRET. Do not delete any boards!!!! Ashley can start making public boards related to her business like “Plant Tips for New Plant Owners” where she shares a blog post about watering schedules. I go into more detail about Pinterest board names on the post Basic Pinterest Strategy for Content Creators.

Implement These Best Practices and Strategies for Pinterest Marketing

Don’t just scroll away now. Head to Pinterest and start implementing all of these best practices I’ve laid out for you. Once you begin seeing results from these strategies, I know you will WANT to continue using Pinterest as your secret marketing weapon!!

Still confused about making eye-catching pin graphics?! For just $27, you can grab my 50 Pin-visible Graphics Templates for Canva here!

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