Digital Planner Tutorial | Digital Planning 101

Digital planners and digital planning are ALL the rage right now and I bet you've found this post because you were searching the Interwebs trying to learn more, right?

Well, lemme just give ya a little run down…

If you'd rather watch a video about the Digital Planner, check out the YouTube video below.

How to Get Started with a Digital Planner | Digital Planning 101

have you seen all the rage about digital planners but you want to know how to get started with a digital planner, this is the video for you! I recently becam…

There's a new 2020 version of this video LINKED HERE

If you're like me then you LOVE a new year because it means a NEW PLANNER, right? Every year until about 2016, I would search the Internet for the PERFECT planner, shell out big bucks and then never open it again after February 1st. See, as someone who runs my business completely online and has A LOT of moving pieces to the business, my family, school schedules, etc, I just couldn't make a paper planner work.

But, THEN, THEEEENNNN I found digital planning and my heart got really happy.

I definitely still use my Google Calendar and a few other digital planning tools to really keep my stuff straight but for keeping record of, planning things out before they're set in stone and planning my daily to-do list, Digital Planners have won my heart.

See, they're JUST like physical paper planners, literally; they have tabs that switch from month to month, boxes to write in, daily, weekly and monthly pages, sections for meal planning and, really, whatever the heck you want them to have.

Except, and here's the fun part, they live on your tablet (I use an iPad and Apple Pencil with Goodnotes).

Digital Planner for Digital Planning

So, you can take them wherever you go (and it syncs across your devices), erase and re-write all you want to AND SWITCH THINGS UP with little skin in the game if you get tired of your planner 3 weeks in.

Honestly, my words can't do it justice, you need to watch the video(s) above.

Happy digital planning!

Oh, and if you're ready to shop for your new planner, CHECK OUT THE SHOP NOW!

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