5 ways to make money on YouTube

Your business needs YouTube. End of Story. But how do you make money on YouTube while your channel is growing?

How to Make Money on YouTube

5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube

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It's easy to say “I wanna start a YouTube channel and I'm going to make all the monies” but it's harder when you get into it and you can't figure out that money is actually made. Today, I'm telling you 5 ways to make money on youtube so you can figure out how to make money from your youtube channel FAST.

Making money on YouTube can be hard if your subscriber count or views are low, BUT it can be done! I’ve got you covered with five ways to make money on YouTube, while your channel is growing

1. AdSense

  • AdSense is Google’s platform for delivering ads on YouTube and paying the channel for ads.
  • Basically, companies pay YouTube for ad space – if your channel is open for ads, you get paid for the people that view those ads.
  • Now. This is only available to channels with at least 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of watchtime hours over a twelve month period.

2. Sales Funnels

  • These sales funnels can be for your products, or others.
  • If someone is watching your video it’s because they needed help with something and they found you. Whether it was through their suggestions or because they searched for your video, they’re watching.
  • Ask them to sign up for something – a freebie, an ebook, a webinar, etc. – then you send them, via email or whatever, down sales funnels that eventually lead them to buy a product.

3. Affiliates

  • Basically, affiliates pay you to send people their way to buy a product.
  • You link a product in your video and send people to buy it. When they do, you essentially make a commission from that product or service.
  • There are SO. MANY. affiliate programs out there – it’s nearly impossible to not find what you’re looking for.

4. Selling your Own Stuff

  • This can be courses, ebooks, physical products, digital products or services
  • You can use your YouTube channel to drive traffic to your business to sell your own products and services.
  • I do this with my membership service Create, Convert, Grow!

5. Sponsorships

  • Sponsorships can be very lucrative for your channel which in turn is lucrative for your business.
  • If your audience connects with a product, it’s worth reaching out to that company to see if they offer sponsorships.
  • Sponsorships help you AND the company.

Even if you don’t necessarily fit into the criteria for making money on YouTube, there are still ways to do it. It’s a great, and needed, platform for your business – take advantage of it!

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