5 Ways to Make Passive Income

Are you wondering what all the buzz is about with Passive Income? How do you make passive income? Can it even be done? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered with FIVE ways to make passive income.

Five Ways to make Passive Income

Passive Income Stream

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Passive Income is all the rage right now. Now. There’s not really a way to remain completely passive and still have income, I do have five ways to create passive income.

1. Affiliates

    • Out of all the options, affiliates is probably the most passive.
  • You are essentially using your platform and authority to promote something else, to benefit you and your business.

2. Courses

  • There is a lot of work that goes into building a course. You have to plan your content, create your content and film your content, however, once it all of that is done, the selling of said content can be passive.

3. Blogging

    • I do have a previous video that explains all about making money while blogging that you’ll want to go check out.
  • But by people finding your content and then buying the products or services, by affiliates or whatever, blogging becomes passive.

4. Creating and Selling a Membership

    • People on YouTube and YouTube Creators do this a lot by using a system called Patreon. This allows an audience to pay a small, monthly fee to receive extra content.
    • I also have a traditional membership called the Create, Convert, Grow Club where, for a monthly fee, I provide extra content to my subscribers.
  • Even though I am creating content as I go, the sale of the membership is passive.

5. Sponsorships

    • A sponsorship is paid content that can be cultivated through YouTube, blogging, microblogging, etc.
  • When someone buys the product or service from the sponsorship, or finds you and view the content, it is not only helping your bottom line, but the company as well.

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