How to set-up your business so that it runs while you’re not working

how to set-up your business so it works while you're not | automating your online business

It's Tuesday, and I'm posting on the blog, what-the-what?!?

It's a new thing though y'all, new posts coming at ya TWICE weekly…yes ma'am, buckle up because it's gettin' awesome in here.

This may be a long, value-packed post so just hang with me because I want YOU to get the most out of anything I post here. In my early days of blogging, I was a “Mommy blogger” and I knew consistency was key so I would just post regardless of whether or not I had anything to say…it was garbage and gone are the days of Jessica doing that, so you can bet your butt that if it's here, it's worth something!

Oh and I have a quick grab guide that tells you my FAVORITE automating tools!

how to set-up your business so it works while you're not | automating your online business

I went on a 2-day (too quick) vacation to NYC for my 30th birthday a few week ago and I didn't take my laptop and I completely removed the email app from my phone while I was there. It was a ZERO work trip. But, guess what, I made money while I was gone because I left in the middle of a big launch.


I was launching my DIY Your Website eCourse(s) and taking on the first class of the workshop while I was gone and people bought, I made money and I didn't even know about it until I got back and it was glorious.

But how did I do that? How do I automate my business in such a way that I can actually leave and not feel like I'm losing money or letting my business fall down a black hole? It wasn't always something I was able to do and it definitely doesn't come easy but I want to help YOU do it so that it doesn't take you as long as it did me.

  1. Have automations in place. Y'all, having a solid sales funnel in place, autoresponders and auto-posting on my social media accounts was a HUGE reason I was able to go away with no worries.My sales funnel (if that's foreign language to you or if you're overwhelmed by it – it is literally just a fancy phrase for emails that sell your stuff) was set-up before I left, I had ads running people in to the funnel and people running people into the funnel and it was just all ready to run on it's own when I left.I had autoresponders on my email explaining where I was, telling people how they could find me and how they could pay me. <—-yes, how they could pay me. So, I could send them to a strategy session booking link if that's what they wanted (with them being fully aware I wouldn't be back to them until I got back) where they could pay and book their call or they could go to the shop links for the DIY courses if they wanted to DIY their website. There was even an option to contact my assistant for anything super pressing.I had buffer all loaded up with my Facebook group posts for the week (which I do every week anyway) and had some posts set-up on Latergram for Instagram that I just had to push through, etc. That way I knew the world wouldn't fall off it's axis if people didn't see me on social media for a few days because they WOULD see me.
  2. Have Help. Good glory, please listen to me It doesn't matter if you only have $20 extra per month or $20,000, you need some type of help in running your business. This can be a VA (you can pay a VA in the Philippines like $5/hour and get a solid 4 hours out of your $20 if that's seriously all you have), a system that helps run your business better or all of the above.When you have help within your business you leave room to be able to NOT work 24/7 and to be able to work on the things that are going to drive your business forward because all of the other things are being taken care of…right?
  3. WORK while you're working. To be able to to take off and not work 24/7 and to automate your business, you have to actually work when you need to be working. Do the work during work hours so that your business works for you during non-working hours. You have to set-up those funnels that will run while your gone and come up with those posts that you'll schedule; you have to train your help or learn the systems you use and actually develop your products or services.So instead of getting on Facebook and jumping into THAT black hole or doing things that aren't moving the needle forward in your business during your working hours, do the things that ARE moving your business forward.

Honestly y'all, those are some of the biggest things I can tell you on how to set your business up so that it works FOR YOU even when you're not working.

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