Set-up Your Domain Email Address

how to set-up your email for your domain name. | Jessica Stansberry

setting up your personalized domain email address | by Jessica Stansberry

Y'all, this is one of the easiest parts of running an online business but just this week, I've seen so many people asking how to do this…so, I thought I'd show you!

If you own a domain (ya know, a .com or .net or .whatever), you can have an email address (or many depending on your domain registrar and hosting account) at that email address (think and you SHOULD have that.


You look more professional. Basically, that's it.

But how the heck do you do it?

Ah, that's even easier.

For the video version of this lesson, just scroll all the way to the bottom of this post.

First, just login to your hosting account. I'll wait.

Once in, you'll navigate to the “email” portion of your cPanel. That'll either be in the menu bar or down in the sections of the icons as seen here.

how to set-up the email for your domain | Jessica StansberryOk, now that you're there, you'll just hit either “create email address” or something similar to get you to a screen where you can literally just set-up your email address(es).

how to set-up the email for your domain | Jessica Stansberry


I always choose “unlimited” when setting mine up because, well, I suck at filtering things.

I then set all of my emails up in Gmail so they're easy to manage, but more on that next week!

Video note: The flippin' video is blurry, sorry, I'm not sure of the issue but I'm working on it!


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