How to use Gmail to host your email accounts

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Last week we talked about how to set-up your own email address on your domain so today I'm taking you through setting up Gmail to receive and send emails from those accounts!

The reason I love using Gmail is because I can host multiple email addresses in one account so I can check them all with no extra effort (and I don't forget to check something)! So, I can have my email, our podcast email and my shop's email all in one place. Lovely. AND, I can utilize some of my favorite Gmail extensions to make my business run more smoothly!

It's really SUPER easy and you can view the walk-through video below.

If you want the written instructions, here ya go yo!

  1. Head in to your hosting account and find your “email configuration settings” for POP3. This will be something like or – it really just depends on your host. But you'll need your username, password and server for both INCOMING and OUTGOING emails.
  2. Then create a gmail account (or use the one you're already using) and go to settings > accounts & import.
  3. You'll want to set-up the “receive mail from” settings FIRST for the account so just click the “add a POP3 email account you own” and walk through the steps (refer to the video for more info here).
  4. Then you'll set-up the “send mail as” settings, so just click “add another email address you own” and follow the steps.You'll be sent a verification code that you'll need to input before you can send mail as that email address but since you've already set-up to receive mail from it, just go in to your Gmail inbox and find the email from Gmail with the code & enter it.
    You're done!

So…darn…easy, right? Now you can utilize the tons of Gmail extensions that may make your business run more smoothly!

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