YouTubers to Watch in 2018

Y’all know that it’s no secret that I love YouTube but I’m here to tell you that YOU should love YouTube too! There is a literal WEALTH of information sitting at that’s just waiting for you to find it, so today, I’m introducing you to 7 YouTubers you should be watching in 2018 if you want to grow your business.

 YouTubers to Watch in 2018

I’m throwing in a fun non-business focused channel at the end of the post/video because you really can learn from EVERY channel (yes, so if you sit around and watch cat videos, you’re probably learnin’ a thang or two), so make sure you read all the way through to the end.

YouTubers to Watch

These are in no particular order and there are HUNDREDS of others to follow but these are my favorite 7 + one bonus:

  1. Tim Schmoyer | Video Creators. Tim’s channel focuses on teaching you #allthethings about YouTube so you can grow your channel.
  2. Amy Schmittauer.  Amy is the at vlogging info and you will learn a ton from her library of content.
  3. Sunny Lenarduzzi. Sunny rocks it on YouTube and preaches that biz owners should be on YouTube, like I do – so it’ll be double the fun.
  4. Jeremy Vest | VIDPOW. Jeremy is a wiz at YouTube and analytics + discoverability so you should definitely follow him (except don’t because I’m trying to beat him to 10,000 subscribers). “The Jerm” has been behind-the-scenes of some MAJOR video campaigns, he’s legit.
  5. Benji & Sean | Video Influencers. Benji and Sean teach people how to become influencers through video and their content is rock solid.
  6. Jasmine Star. You can’t go wrong with Jasmine, she’s a social media WIZARD and shares all her tricks.
  7. Gary Vee. Y’all know I can’t do a “best of” roundup without including Gary Vee (Vaynerchuk for those of you in the dark ages). Gary is a no-nonsense kinda guy who will rock your socks with business strategy just by watching his behind-the-scenes.

BONUS: Casey Neistat. Casey is a vlogger and doesn’t talk business on his channel but he is a MASTER video creator, editor and storyteller and you can learn a lot just by following him!

So, go follow them all and head over to the YouTube channel to let me know who YOUR favorite YouTubers are!

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