DSLR Settings for VIDEO

Those DSLR cameras can feel really exciting when you realize you can use them for video content for your business – BUT – lemme tell ya, one size does NOT fit all when it comes to settings and how you need things configured to film video on a DSLR.

DSLR Settings for VIDEO

I’ll tell you right now that you need to be using your DSLR on MANUAL mode AND you need to have a more premium lens but, the other stuff, is all done by the push of a button.

Want to watch a video version of this post? It’ll make SO much more sense…

Ok, a few notes before we get to the settings:
You DO need to be using a camera with autofocus and, preferably, QUIET autofocus. I use a Canon 70d and LOVE it.

The kit lenses (the lenses that come with your camera) are generally not top-of-the-line, I’d recommend a lens that goes down to at least 2.4 in aperture. The one I have is here.

EVERY DSLR has these settings, just because I’m showing my Canon in the video, does not mean your camera doesn’t have them. If it’s a DSLR, it does, you may just have to find them.

You must use your camera on Manual to be able to use these settings.

There are basically THREE settings you need to pay attention to:

  • Aperture/f-stop. This is basically the width or focal length that the lens is open. So, the LOWER the f-stop, the more light can come in (meaning, the lighter your video will be) AND the more blurred the background is; the higher the f-stop, the darker your video will be and your background won’t be as blurred. I keep mine on 2.4 at all times.
  • Shutter Speed. This is the length of time the shutter is actually open, so, the HIGHER the shutter speed, the DARKER the video will be; the LOWER the shutter speed, the LIGHTER the video will be.
  • ISO. This is just like the film days. The HIGHER the ISO, the lighter the video will be and the LOWER the ISO, the darker the video will be.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you get the shutter speed too low and/or the ISO too high, it will result in grainy/blurry videos, so you need to be careful with these settings.

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