How to Use YouTube in Your Sales Funnels

YouTube Sales Funnel


I’ve been talkin’ ‘bout Sales Funnels A LOT…like, a lot a lot. Right?

Well, ya know what else I talk about a lot?


And today, I’m combining my two favorite topics and talking about how to use YouTube IN your sales funnels! [queue all the dancing emojis]

This one will be short and sweet because it’s really simple. Remember how I’ve talked before about how your sales funnel should start with really awesome free content, like a blog?

Well, YouTube acts as the same “starting point” as the blog post.

So, you can use your YouTube videos AS the really-awesome-free-content or, you can do like I do and use YouTube AND a blog post as the really-awesome-free-content.

From there, you take them through the same process we’ve talked about before: Welcome email, nurture sequence, pitching.

Yup, it’s that easy.

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