What goes into a Sales Funnel?

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“Ok, Jessica, yeah yeah yeah…I get WHAT a sales funnel is but I don’t know what goes INTO a sales funnel; ya know, what does the content look like?”

Was that you after my last post?

Well, dear, you’re in luck because this is exactly what we’re covering today!

What goes into a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnels basically have 2 basic steps:

  • Give them a free thing.
  • Pitch to them.

Seriously, that’s it.

Now, everyone does sales funnels differently and I personally love a good, nurtured funnel so the sales doesn’t feel cold and people realize they’re buying from a person. So, for this, here’s the general process:

    1. Ultra free content.
      This is something like a Blog Post or a Facebook Live that they do NOT have to give their email address to take part in.
    2. Freebie.
      After going through the content in step 1, this is something free (usually a guide or PDF) relevant to the subject and your eventual pitch, but something they have to enter their email address (aka, subscribe) to get.
    3. Nuture Sequence.
      A series of emails where you let the subscriber get to know you and your business AND you get to know them. This is a “no pitch zone” and truly a time for them to get to “know, like and trust” you more.
    4. Nurture the sale.
      Now, you’ll start priming the subscriber to be sold to and convincing them of the fact that they need what you’re selling.

Depending on your business type and sales type, your structure could even look like this:

  1. Free thing.
  2. Immediately pitched “trip wire” (cheap thing they can buy that’s relevant).
  3. Immediately pitched offer.

SO, y’all, that’s all. That’s what goes into a sales funnel and it’s all super customizable to YOUR business.

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