Video Ideas for YouTube

It can be quite the task to have to come up with new, interesting and engaging content for YouTube on the regular, so, here’s a list of video ideas for YouTube that will help you fill your content calendar in a jiffy.

Video Ideas for YouTube

I’ve talked before about what you should blog about and then I’ve even said, “if you can blog about it, you can YouTube about it” but if you’re still struggling with topics, here’s SIX that any business niche or channel type can use.

If you’d rather watch this post than read it, here’s your chance. of the topics I’ll mention above can be used by anybody, they just may take a little bit of thinking outside of the box.

Let’s get into it —-> here are some fun ideas for your channel!

  • How-to videos. NOTHING will get you found quicker than how-to videos so if you can think of something your audience would be searching for that you have the knowledge around, Oh and they’re super easy to film!
  • Behind-the-scenes. Whatever you do, take your people behind-the-scenes. Pull back the curtain and bring them along while you make your thing, do your work, buy groceries, whatever – just make sure it’s relevant to your audience and your business.
  • My favorite things. Oprah ain’t the only one who can do this! Your audience WANTS to know about the things you use and they want you to tell them about it so film favorite things videos and let them in on the secrets. Plus, if you can link to some affiliates for the things you mention, you might even make a little moolah.
  • Seasonal. Film videos around holidays or even “strange holidays” that can work to your business’s benefit. A “national ice cream” day Yoga tutorial may feel weird but it’ll work well for you to create new content and let your audience have fun (if you’re a yoga instructor, obvs).
  • Community building. Build that community baby. Anything that pulls your audience in and let’s them see who you are and how you can help them is GREAT. Live videos where they can chat live, pull them onto your channel, showing their questions while you answer them, etc.
  • Trending topic videos. When things are trending you have a unique opportunity to allow your channel to move through the search rankings for a particular search phrase. So, if you’re seeing lots of “draw my life” videos, you might try filming one too because people obviously love watching them.

Good luck – you’re going to rock this!

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