How to Automate Your Business

how to use zapier

When we first get started in business it feels very elusive to automate your business, it’s like the abominable snowman or bigfoot, we feel like it doesn’t actually exist – BUT – as we grow (in income and smarts) we realize that it IS possible.

How to Use Zapier

I am the world’s worst (or best, depending on how you’re looking at it) at wanting to automate #allthethings; if it’s a process in my business, I want to find a system to automate it – or a person. I think that’s one of the reasons I LOVE Zapier so much – it was love at first Zap.

Today imma show you how I use Zapier to make my business run smoother and how you can too!

If you’d rather watch this post than read it, here’s your chance.

Zapier is crazy easy but it can be hard to figure out exactly WHAT it is.

Basically, Zapier is built on the formula of “when this happens, do this”, so if you have two softwares that you want to “talk to each other” but they don’t do it natively, this is where Zapier comes in.

So, let’s say you want a new Trello card created on a certain board and list every time a Typeform form has a submission, Zapier does that.

Or, maybe you want to text message to come to your phone every time you make a sale…yup, it can do that too.

Those seem like convenient things but it can also make two softwares “talk” that make all the different in your business.

For instance, I’m running a $1 trial to my new membership, VIDfluential™ U, for 7 days but because I host the membership inside of Thinkific, that’s not an option in my software. It’s an option Samcart and Clickfunnels but they don’t natively talk to Thinkific either. So, we have a Zap setup to send through Samcart to checkout for their $1 which then “zaps” them into Thinkific and into their welcome emails in ActiveCampaign.

Live gets EASIER when you automate on this level, I promise.

If you want to see a quick runthrough of exactly HOW to use Zapier, check out the video above.

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