5 of the Best iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs


Listen, I’m calling this “favorite iPhone apps” but every app I mention in this post is also available on Android, so, don’t freak out just yet.

iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we have to have a mobile office – I mean, it’s probably a lot of the reason you even went into entrepreneurship, right? To do business on your own terms, whenever you want, doing whatever you want. That being said, apps on your phone can help you run your business better and more efficiently and they can help you not be so glued to your desk.

If you’d rather watch this post than read it, here’s your chance.

Now, listen, these are not in any particular order and they’re only a sampling of the apps I’d love to refer but, here goes:

  1. Trello. Y’all, you know I love Trello so, of course, the app must be on my phone at all times. But really, I can get to any part of my business at a moment’s notice with the app which is awesome for traveling and this whole entrepreneur Mom thing.
  2. Voxer. Have I talked about my love for Voxer before on here? Well, I LOVE Voxer. I am in constant communication with my biz besties and clients because of this app. In a split second I can send a quick message to anybody and it’s easier than texting and/or picking up the phone.

    Pro tip: If you need to answer questions for people – either by email, in a Facebook group, in a Slack channel, wherever – you can record a “note” in Voxer and share the link to them. No more having to type entire books with your thumbs from your phone to answer a question, talk it out and share the link.
  3. Social Blade. This one is fun to be able to see my social channels (YouTube and Instagram specifically) at a glance. I can make sure I’m on an upward trajectory and can even compare myself to others – ya know, for research purposes (wink wink).
  4. Facebook Ads. Facebook ads are something that need almost constant monitoring, so it’s nice to have the analytics in your pocket to check when you get a second throughout the day. Also, I have actually found that the app can be more accurate than the actual ads manager, so double win.
  5. A Color Story. This is a photo editing app by A Beautiful Mess and it’s one of my favorites to take a drab photo to one that pops off the page with pretty color. It has a ton of built-in filters and photoshop-like tools like curves, exposure, etc to work with. Oh and the color, they appreciate color, I appreciate color, we’re a happy match.

I would LOVE for you to share your favorite iPhone apps that make your business life easier with me! Head over to the video on YouTube (above) and let me know in the comments what your favorite is.

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