Trello vs. Asana

It’s a battle of the project management systems and the fight is fierce. Today, I’m gonna help you decide whether Trello or Asana is the best project management system for your life. Now, I know people have very, very strong feelings about Trello vs Asana. I’ll be honest with you my friend, I’m a huuggee Trello fan. Yep, I said it. But I completely see the reason why people would want to use Asana too.

I think I figured out what makes some people drawn to Trello and what draws others to Asana. That’s what I’m going to go over today because project management is sooo important. Either of these programs will help you run pretty much anything more seamlessly.


  • You’re more visually minded.

If you like to draw things out to figure out a problem or if you’re a sucker for a wall full of sticky notes, in the great battle of Trello vs. Asana, Trello is probably the more fitting option for you. You might just have a blast setting up a functional and pretty Trello board (I did!).

  • You get new ideas and expand on projects all the time.

In Trello, you have different boards for basically every project. You can have different lists within every board, so it’s a little easier to expand within one project. You can break things down into smaller tasks, assign them to certain team members in a simple, user-friendly way.

  • You think of yourself as Type B.

Now, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, but this is what I’ve seen in the battle between Trello vs Asana. I’ll readily admit I am Type B, friends. If you think you’re more open to creativity and a little bit of chaos, Trello might be the right place for you to start.

  • You like to see everything you’ve got going on for a project at once.

On a Trello board or project, you can make things linear, but you can also make them very visual. With a scroll through your board, you’ll be able to see all you’ve got going on. You can make each project look different and move things around to inspire your creative side.


  • You live to check things off your list.

Love a good checklist? If you like seeing your next steps in a linear way, Asana might be for you. But, Trello has a checklist system as well…The reality is that everyone thinks in different ways. These two project management systems are built to play on both.

  • You want your projects in crystal clear order.

Everything is in one project on Asana and broken into different lists with who the project is for and what date it’s due. This breakdown is a little different than Trello and your choice here will really depend on your individual preference.

  • You think of yourself as Type A.

Asana makes it so you can list out things super, super neatly. It’s just more linear and if you’re one to pick Math over Art or Stats over Advertising, you might find yourself liking Asana more. I’m not trying to stereotype here, friends. I have seen exceptions to this rule, but this is to get you on the right track.

  • You like to focus on tasks.

Your projects here are laid out in tasks. Whenever you add a task for a project, it will show up in a list. And like I said, my list friends are in heaven here. Instead of being more visual like Trello, you’re all about the tasks here. Every project will look the same.

That’s it, guys! If you’ve been hearing about Trello vs Asana and know that you need one of these to get your life in order, I hope this helps. Whether you like Asana or Trello better, your business will be better for it. Gotta get those projects in order so you can bring in that dough!

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