How to Use Trello

how to use trello

Learn how to Use Trello with this Trello tutorial

Hey there! Wanna peek inside my favorite project management system in the whole wide world? Yes, I’m treating you to a Trello tutorial today, my friend. I’ve been using Trello in my business for well over a year and I keep finding fun new ways to use it. Seriously, the magic of Trello never ceases to amaze me. So, learn how to use Trello!

If you’ve been eyeing Trello, but haven’t figured out how to use it for your biz, jump right in on this journey of project management fun.


Essentially, Trello is broken down into boards, lists, and cards.

Trello boards can be public, private to your team, or just private to you. Your boards are then made up of lists. In fact, you can have as many lists as you possibly want! #allthelists!!! Each list has cards and you can have as many cards as you want in a list.

To put this in terms of your business:

  • A Trello Board = A Project
  • List = What Has to Get Done For That Project
  • Cards = Tasks

Now that you’re all educated, let’s run through how you can start out on Trello for yourself. Cuz who would want to miss out on this?!


  • Click the plus sign at the top right and hit ‘Create Personal Team’
  • Add members, change your logo, and set your team for private or public.

Trello Tutorial

  • Boards in your team will only be shown to team members. Can’t reveal all your secrets, can you? 🙂


  • Start a new board from within your team page or hit the plus sign at the top right.
  • Choose if the board will be team visible, private, or public.
  • Change the background, use stickers, make it puurrtty.


  • Type in list titles for all the things you want to organize under your master project.
  • Add cards for tasks under each list and feel free to put in some comments, set a due date, add attachments, or tag a team member. Get organized to your heart’s content!

Trello Tutorial

  • Every list has its own cards and every card has its own due date, checklist, and other details like that. See! You’re gonna be soooo organized!


  • Add members to your board with a button on the right. Everything’s better with a few friends, right?
  • Hit ‘more’ on the right sidebar to email a link to your board or make a copy of your Trello masterpiece.
  • You can also remove permission for commenting if you want to be the only one to do that.
  • P.S. You can change the board to private/public/team at the top left if you have a change of heart.
  • Anytime you have a notification on Trello, it’ll show up as a red bell at the top right. You can’t miss it, darlin! This is where you’ll get communication from your team and stay on track with everybody.

And that is Trello, and my friends, I’m just getting started. This is why so many people rave about Trello for project management. It’s life!  If you wanna hear more, just stick around. I’ve got all kinds of Trello hacks that are going to knock your socks off!

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