Why and How to Transcribe Videos

Has anyone ever told you that you should transcribe your videos, and that they should totally have captions? Well, they are right. However, most people though make it sound harder than it actually is. Let me break the how and why of video transcription down for you today!

How to Transcribe Videos

 Why and How to Transcribe Video

Want to watch a video version of this post? I’ve got you covered!

Now, check out how to transcribe your video and why you should do it:

How to Transcribe:

  1. Facebook and Youtube will automatically transcribe your video for you.
    • It may or may not understand you and transcribe your words correctly
  2. Option: hire a transcriptionist to do it for you
    • Find one on Fiver, Upwork or Rev.com
    • Generally inexpensive and will be more accurate than the automatic options
    • Upload transcribed audio file to platform

Why to Transcribe:

  • On Facebook:
    • 80% of video viewers on Facebook watch videos without sound
  • On Youtube:
    • Inclusive to those viewers who might be hearing impaired
    • Transcription throws keywords into the Google universe as well as tags, titles and descriptions on Youtube
      • Resulting in a higher ranking!

That’s it! Are you using captions in your videos? Let me know why or why not!

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