How to Sync Audio

It’s no secret…things can tend to get a little crazy on the audio end of things when you make a video. Sometimes, it calls for using an external recording device, which means your audio is completely separate from your video! Now how do you go back and edit that so that it all doesn’t come out looking like a bad movie (the kind where the sound doesn’t match up with the speaker’s mouth)? That’s exactly what I am talking all about today!

How to Sync Audio

Sync Audio with Video

Need a video version of this post? Got it right here!

Now, I’m going to demystify syncing your audio with your video.

The Process for iMovie:

**Special tip for users with no auto-syncing option:

  • Try to start both your audio recorder and your camera at the same time
  • Make both a loud noise to cause a spike in the audio and a visual cue for the video
    • Think a finger snap or hand clap
    • You can go back and match up the visual “spike” in the audio file with the visual cue in the video
  1. Import both audio and video files into system
  2. Drag video file down to clip browser
  3. Drag audio file down to clip browser
  4. Line up spike from audio file with spike on video’s audio file
    • Listen to see if you hear two files or one (indicating that they are indeed on top of each other)

The Process for Premiere Pro:

  1. Drag over audio and video files
  2. Matchup audio patterns from both files
  3. Drag blue line as close as you can to beginning of audio and video file pattern
    • You have the option of working on each file separately
      • Just delete audio file from video and drag up audio file
      • Play to make sure it matches up

After this, you HAVE to feel like an editing pro, right? Are you editing your own videos? Drop me a line and tell me how your process is working for you!

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