Start a business with no money

Starting a business without any money can be hard. But the good news is, it can be done! I’ve got you covered and will tell you how to do just that.

How to Start a Business with No Money

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BONUS TIP: If you have a business that you want to open, but you need more capital to start than you have, start another business that will fund your dream business idea.

Here are three, simple tips that will help you to start your business:

1. A Business Idea!

    • What kind of business can you run with little to no startup money?
    • Start with a business that doesn’t need a ton of capital to start.
  • If it’s not exactly what you have in mind, don’t worry, you can expand!

2. You have to be Passionate and Dedicated to your idea

    • Don’t start a business just to start it (even if it’s funding another idea)
  • If you’re in a position that you’re starting your business with a smaller idea, and envision expanding, still do something that you enjoy. It’ll make the process so much more enjoyable.

3. Be okay with bootstrapping

  • You're going to be bombarded once you start a business with courses, coaching and offers. You MUST be in a mindset of being okay that you don’t have the available funds to purchase those products – and that’s okay!

Everybody starts somewhere. Don’t let the intimidation of having no money discourage you – your dream business is STILL a possibility! 

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