What is a Sales Funnel?

what is sales funnel

I have a feeling if you’ve been googling the term “passive income”, you might have already heard about Sales Funnels, but, some of you may have NO CLUE what that means, so I thought I’d clarify.

Listen, I’m going to follow the KISS (keep it simple sista) method here but, basically, a sales funnel is an automated way to get people to buy your thing.

Yup, that’s it.

Now, of course it gets a little more complicated but that’s basics of it; you use funnels to put your sales on autopilot, whether you’re selling courses, services or cookies, you.can.use.them.

They’re called “funnels” because a lot of people come in at the top and a few people come out the bottom (top being your free content, bottom being purchasers).

I really do this explanation so much better justice in video, so be sure to watch the video version of the post above.

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