How to Write a Blog Post that Converts

Blogging, blogging, blogging…everyone says you need to be blogging. You need to be blogging so you are found in search engines and all of that jazz. This is something I teach a lot about, BUT if you aren’t writing blog posts that convert to email subscribers and sales, you are missing the mark! So today I’m teaching you how to write a blog post that actually converts.


How to Write a Blog Post that Converts



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How to Write a Blog Post that CONVERTS TO SALES

Wanna know how to write a blog post that CONVERTS TO SALES?!? Imma teach you that in this vidoe.Blogging, blogging, blogging…everyone says you need to be b…



Get what you need to know about writing blog posts that actually convert to subscribers and sales:


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I am a huge, huge fan of content marketing! That’s really what video marketing is, right? Putting that free content out into the world that allows people to find you, hire you and want to buy from you. Here are the tips you need to know:


How Write a Blog Post that Actually Converts


Tip 1: Optimize your blog post for search engines

  • There are plugins out there, like Yost, that will allow you to “beef up” your keyword penetration in your blog post
    • You specify what keywords you want to be found in your post, and then Yost will give you a red, yellow or green light to tell you how well you’ve used those terms for it to be search engine optimized
    • You can also do things like put a YouTube video in your post, which will help Google find it and deem your post better than the others


Tip 2: Provide A LOT of useful and easy to follow content

  • Make it super-rich and beefy with content
  • Make it easy to understand
    • Don’t use a lot of industry-specific jargon


Tip 3: Give an enticing freebie

  • Make sure it makes sense with the blog post
  • Show it more than once!
    • Tease it throughout your blog post. Don’t wait until the end to show off that freebie!


Tip 4: Have a sales funnel

  • If the goal is to get people not only to sign up for your list, but get them to actually purchase something, you need to make sure you have a system in place to get that to happen!


BONUS Tip: Have a clean website

  • If you have a website that’s all cluttered up when a reader comes to your blog post, they are NOT going to want read it
  • Make sure your site is clean and tidy, easy to read and easy to look at
    • Make them want to stay, download more content and maybe even want to buy something!


Those are my four plus bonus tips to write a blog post that actually converts.  If you learned something today, make sure you let me know!


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