How to Sell on a Webinar

Everybody talks about webinars, how you should be doing them, and how this one webinar netted someone a million, bajillion dollars. BUT, if you don’t know how to sell on a webinar, then it probably won’t do you any good to host one. So today, I’m going to show you how to use your personality as well as techniques and tactics to actually make sales from a webinar, and NOT hear crickets. Let’s go!

How to Sell on a Webinar

How to Sell on a Webinar

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 Here’s what you need to know how to sell on a webinar!

How to Sell on a Webinar

Here are my six best tips to become a webinar sales rockstar:

Tip #1 Show your face

I’ve attended webinars where the presenter just jumped right into some slides, maybe showing a picture of themselves. I actually need to see your face to feel like I’m getting to know you! 

Most people want to see a face before they see a presentation. Show your face in the beginning, in the end as well as show a picture. Just show up and make sure people know who is hosting this webinar and how AWESOME you are!

Tip #2 Teach the pants off your audience

Webinars can’t be “fluff”. People pick up on that real quick!

Be sure you are teaching your audience things they want to know, and teach it in a way that has them feeling like “Gosh, if she’s taught me so much during a free webinar, imagine how much she’s going to teach me in a paid product!”

Tip #3 Pitch a “no brainer” related to your topic

Pitch something that is a “no brainer” for them to use to continue learning what you are teaching about

It would be weird if you taught about copywriting and then sold a web design course, or did a webinar on Facebook lives but then sold a course on Facebook ads

Pitch something seamless to continue the audience’s learning with you!

Tip #4 Do NOT offer discounts

It will condition your audience to be cheap and wait for a webinar, sale, etc. before they purchase from you.

It also instills in your audience that your products are worth less than what you are pressing them at (not a good thing!)

Tip #5 Give BONUSES

“If you buy this one thing, you also get this really awesome thing” to entice them to buy right now.

You don’t want the bonus to add extra work to their plate. You want to give bonuses that are complementary to the thing you are selling.

Tip #6 Give time limits

Let them know that the offer for the bonuses expires or is only available during the webinar.

You want people to think “why would I spend the same amount of money and not get the extras? I want to buy now!” Or tell the audience that the product itself that you are selling is only available for x amount of days before the doors close.

If you are thinking about hosting a webinar for yourself but don’t feel like you know what you are doing, let me know what your struggles are! I’d love to help you through them.

How are you selling during your webinar? Let me know in the comments!

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