Favorite Gear for YouTube

I have a free Facebook group called “Rising Video RockStars”. One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is, “What kind of camera gear is your favorite? What kind of thing do you use the most?” So today I am going to run through my favorite pieces of equipment I love to use to film videos for my channel.


Favorite Gear for YouTube

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My Favorite YouTube Gear

I get asked all the time what my favorite gear for making YouTube videos is – so, here ya go!My favorite YouTube gear…all of it is listed here http://jessi…

Want to know what my favorite pieces of equipment are to film my YouTube videos? Find out here!::

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Before I get into what I use on a day-today basis, especially cameras, I want to remind you that:



I filmed my YouTube videos on my iPhone 6 for about a year before actually getting a camera. Those videos are still some of my most viewed and give me some of the best leads in my business. As I give some equipment recommendations, I don’t want you to feel that you have to run out and buy something right now.  You have everything right in your pocket! (Your phone!) Don’t forget that.


Let’s start with some of my favorite gear for YouTube:



  • Camera: The Canon G7X (Mark 1 or 2)


  • Amazing portable camera for vlogging
  • Has a pop-up screen
    • I love to be able to see myself when I’m making videos.
      • I can see that my lighting is good, everything is in focus, etc.
  • Adjustable exposure for low lighting settings
  • Budget friendly and will do everything you need it to


  1.     Camera: Canon 70D
  • My favorite camera in the world! (I’m using it to film right now!)
  • Also have a 24mm pancake lens on it
    • Has a 2.8 aperture which gives me quality videos in low light settings
  • Pop out screen to the side
  • Mic jacks
  • Great for photography
  • Very quiet autofocus feature (great for YouTube!)
    • As I move around, you won’t hear the camera make noises as it tries to refocus


There are more expensive cameras out there that can offer more features. But these two models do EVERYTHING I need in my business right now, so I don’t even have a desire to upgrade.

  1. Microphone: Zoom H1
  • Actually an audio recorder
    • Doesn’t plug into anything, just uses a batter and an SD card
    • I set it right out of camera view and it picks up my voice.
      • Then I sync the audio from my recorder and from my camera.
    • This particular model, which I’m currently using,  gives me the least about of echo and feedback for my current office (which has lots of windows and hardwood floors! Great for lighting, not so great for sound!)
    • Not crazy expensive


  1.   Microphone: ATR 2100
  • Currently have it set up on a boom arm on the side of my desk
  • I use it for podcasting.
    • Great for YouTube as well, if you can get it close enough to you and keep it out of shot (if you want that).


  1. Lighting: Ring Light
  • I usually don’t use a lot of outside lighting, but when I do, I love my ring light.
  • No particular name brand
  • I clipped it to a straight mic or lighting stand and put it right behind my camera.
  • Great for filler light as well

Those are my top favorite picks for YouTube gear. I hope that was helpful! Do you have a favorite piece of equipment you love to film on? I’d love to hear it!


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