How to Tag Youtube Videos to Rank Higher in 2020

To really grow a Youtube channel, you need to use the best tags. Here’s everything you need to know about how to tag Youtube videos to rank higher in 2020!

How to Tag Youtube Videos to Rank Higher in 2020

How to Tag Youtube Videos to Rank Higher in 2020

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HOW TO TAG YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO RANK HIGHER in 2020 | My method for tagging videos for search ranking

Learn HOW TO TAG YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO RANK HIGHER in 2020, my exact method for tagging videos for search rankingY'all! If you've ever thought that tagging YouTu…

People tend to think that nobody really understands how tagging Youtube videos works – but it’s less elusive than you might think! There is ABSOLUTELY a formula you should be following to get more eyeballs to see your videos.

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First thing’s first – you have to know that you’ve picked a solid, well-performing key phrase to target.

Picking out the best key phrase for your video is the hardest piece of the puzzle to figure out. You should be picking keywords that are specific to you, the size of your channel, the size of your audience, and your ideal viewer.

You HAVE to go after key terms that you can be discovered in. If you’re picking keywords with a bajillion searches and a ton of people competing to rank there when you’re a small channel, your video won’t be seen. If you find a similar keyword with a lot less searches and competition, then you have a better chance to rank in that keyword!

After you’ve picked your keywords, use them in the title of your video! Add a little extra spice at the end so people will want to click. “How to Tag Youtube Videos” might become “How to Tag Youtube Videos to Grow Your Channel.”

Tagging Strategy

1. Create a tag that exactly matches your title

2. Add a tag with just the key term, minus the extra stuff you put in the title

3. Make new tags by breaking down your key term into what someone interested in the topic might type in a search box. If your key phrase is “how to start a business online,” you might tag “starting an online business” or “start a business online”

4. Add tags that are similar to your title

5. Use TubeBuddy to find great recommended tags that fit your channel

Tips for Tagging

  • Do use key PHRASES, not just one word. Using phrases will get more people who are interested in your topic to your video.
  • Don’t keyword stuff! Your tags are supposed to tell Youtube what your video is about and how they might suggest it. Using unrelated keywords won’t do you any good.
  • Don’t copy other people’s tags for ranking videos, but…
  • Do check other popular videos on the topic for tags you might have missed!

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