How to Make Money Blogging

If you already have a blog or plan to start one and want to learn how to make that extra income, here is a step-by-step guide on how to make money blogging!

How to Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money Blogging

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How to Make Money Blogging

Blogging is an illusive career and it seems like it comes with all the questions, like how to make money blogging. In this video, learn how to make money blo…

Sure, blogging takes a lot of time, research, and doing all the things. But once you get a consistent rhythm and strategy going, making money is WAY easier than you think! Here are all the ways you can make money blogging in 2020.

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4 Ways You Can Make Money Blogging

1. Affiliates

Affiliates are companies who are paying you as a blogger to share and promote their products to your followers. In turn, they’ll send you a small commission from each sale that you send over! This is the most common way that bloggers make money, but if you have a small audience, you won’t be making a ton of money from it.

2. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are similar to affiliates, but on a higher level. Brands will reach out to bloggers and ask them to try their products, talk about how awesome they are, and create content that shows their products in use. Then, they’ll pay you a certain amount of money! You don’t need a ton of traffic to sponsored posts to make money because the brand will pay you up-front to create the post (but that traffic definitely helps to create an ongoing relationship with the brand).

The best way to make sponsored posts is to weave the sponsorship into the content your readers enjoy! Making a post just focused on the product probably won’t be as successful.

3. Displaying Ads on your Blog

Back in the day, this was Google’s realm: you could put Google Ads on your blog, and for every person that interacted with an ad, you’d get a small commission. Google Ads is still an option to monetize your blog, but there are other options, too. There are new companies out there that will evaluate the size of your blog and if you meet their criteria, you get money per click on the ad. MediaVine is a great example!

4. Sell your own Product

This doesn’t have to be a physical product! Actually, for your first product, going with something digital that’s easier to produce and has a higher profit margin is a better choice. Things like courses, ebooks, or other paid ways to help your audience and extend the experience of your blog, can make you some serious money!

You can also sell your own service. Let’s say you’re a home decor blogger and people love your style. You could offer online consultations that help people style a room of their home! Again, selling something with a low cost to make with a higher profit margin.

Those are four ways to make money blogging! This last tip is a crucial one. If you’re trying to make serious money as a blogger, you need to start thinking about your blog like a BUSINESS and not a blog. That mindset shift will make all the difference.

Happy blogging!

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