How to Stay Sane with Systems

Your house is a cluttered mess, you have a million things to do, and you can’t focus on anything. How do you stay sane? Stay sane with systems! I’ve got all the tips about how to use systems to stay sane and keep your finances in order.

How to Stay Sane with Systems

Systems keep me sane, y’all! I have systems for all parts of my household, but especially for my money.

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But how do I get started?

I hear you, sister. Getting started with systems has got to be the hardest part of the process! I’ve got all of the steps you need to follow to stay sane with systems.

Step One: Think about how you process things.

This step will help you figure out where your system needs to live. Your system needs to work for you or you’ll a) never use it or b) get stressed trying to make it work. Do you need to write things down, put them in the notes app, or put to-do reminders on your Google Calendar? Once you feel good about the place to have your system, you can get started creating it.

Step Two: Make a note of all of your bill due dates.

If you’re using your calendar, I highly recommend making the calendar appointments repeat. That way, you’ll have one less step to think about after you do it once! Set additional reminders as you are marking the due dates so you absolutely will not forget. Now, schedule your money dates and a day to review and/or create your budget for the next month.

How to use systems to stay sane

Step Three: Involve your significant other.

Communication is key! If there are important bills or dates that both you and your partner need to be reminded about, add them to your Google Calendar and invite them to the event. This ensures that reminders are sent to both of you, and you can get the stress of remembering out of your mind.

An option for those of you who are super digital is to set everything you can on autopay. This will literally take the bills off your plate. All you need to do is check one a month and make sure there were no hiccups (it is technology after all and isn’t perfect, ha). Some companies will even give you a small discount on your bill for turning on autopay. It’s worth checking out!

Whew! I don’t know about you, but knowing that I have a checklist, calendar reminders, and other foolproof systems in place for my finances puts my mind at ease. That way, I have the extra mental space for much more important things!

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