How to Make $100/day OR MORE

If you had told me a few years ago that I could make $100/day, I would have laughed in your face because I didn’t believe it was possible. Today, I’m going to tell you how to make $100/day or more easily!

How to Make $100/day OR MORE

How to make $100/day or more!

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How to Make $100/day OR MORE!

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Like I said – a few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me making $100/day was possible. I especially wouldn’t have believed you if you told me making $100/day passively was possible. But I’m living proof that it is, and when I figured out how to do it, it completely changed my life and my business.

At this point in my business, I know that whatever dollar amount you set to make per day, per week, per month, and per year is possible. You can absolutely achieve your money-making goals!

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Today, I’m going to teach you 5 strategies to help you make $100/day or more. And, I’m going to show you the real, behind-the-scenes numbers in my business because I don’t believe in giving you fluff around here.

How to Make $100/day OR MORE!

Before we dive in, I want to start by saying that you can use these five strategies independently or together to reach your income goals. Don’t think you have to do just one or all of them to be successful. Use the individual idea or combination that works best for you!

Affiliate Marketing

I have done a metric crap ton of videos about affiliate marketing (check them out here!) but to summarize: if you want to get paid in the most passive way ever, use affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you send someone to purchase someone else’s product/service/etc., and you receive a commission every time someone purchases through your link.

With affiliate marketing, it is absolutely possible to make $100/day. Sadly, I can’t show you the behind-the-scenes of this one because my affiliate payouts come from so many different places. It’s a big piece of my business – but it’s also not the one I push the most. I incorporate affiliate marketing into my everyday content, like using links in my YouTube videos to my camera or services I mention.

If you look at my monthly income, I make about $50 per day from affiliate marketing. That’s combining a lot of very, very, very low commissions into a lump sum. It’s not my biggest stream of income, but if you really focus on that, you can absolutely make $100/day.

Affiliates are a great way to use traffic you already have to make some money!


By ads, I mean anytime you have ads running on your content. This can be Google ads on your website, running website ads through a company like Meda Vine, or using YouTube ads!

I have shown you my YouTube revenue before. Right now, it sits at about $3,000 – $4,000 per month. If you do the math, that  means that I make about $100/day from my ads revenue just here on YouTube.

If you focus on one content platform and give it your all, you can make $100/day! Just remember that it will take some time to build up enough of an audience to make money from ads. I have been putting videos on YouTube since 2016, and I have been consistent and serious about YouTube since late 2017. I am filming this video in late 2020. It took me a solid three years to start making serious money from ads revenue. BUT if you put in the work and time, you can do it, too!

Sponsored Posts

You would NOT want to do a sponsored post everyday (your audience would lose interest fast). Let’s say you do one sponsored post per week that costs the advertiser $700. When you divide it out per day, that’s the equivalent of $100/day from sponsorships. Sponsored posts are a great way to make money in a fairly passive way!

To start, you definitely need a following somewhere. That doesn't necessarily mean that you need a massive following, but you do need some people who are interested in learning what you like.

You can do sponsored posts on Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, on your podcast – anywhere you’re creating content that people are consuming! You want to be able to give your sponsor an idea of how many people will see it.

Digital Products

I have done several videos about digital products and how to create and sell them. Essentially, if you want to create a digital product to sell, as long as you can drive traffic to your links, you can make $100/day!

My digital planner sales absolutely make me $100/day. I also have funnels running for other digital products that I know make me $100/day as well.

I have two YouTube videos that “blew up” with links to my digital planners on my website, and that is what makes me $100/day. Don’t think selling digital products is something you have to wait until you have a big audience to do.

Online Courses

Online courses can be a really easy way to make $100/day because they are generally higher priced than the other things on this list. Most of my online courses are well over $100, so if you break down how many courses are purchased in a month, I definitely make $100/day.

My course income fluctuates for me depending on what I have going on. Right now, I absolutely make $100/day from the courses that I sell, and I am currently only selling one course: My ClickUp Course that is $27. I do have other courses on my website and I sell some of those too, but my ClickUp Course is the one that I am focusing on selling as an evergreen course.

Even when I was just starting out, I could still make $100/day with courses.

I hope that these tips and tricks are a great starting point to help you reach your income goal!

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