4 iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

Let’s be honest – no matter how much you want to do a “phone detox,” most of us rely on our phones for so much. If you’re like me, you even wear a tiny version of your phone on your wrist. Since we use our phones so much anyway, why not use them strategically to amp up our productivity? That’s why I’m sharing 4 must-have iPhone apps for entrepreneurs.

4 iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

These are all apps that I personally use and love. They’re focused on productivity, finances, and making sure you accomplish what you want to accomplish!

Each app on this list is free, though some of them have the option to pay for upgraded features. I use the free version of each consistently and still love them. Now, let’s dive into the apps!

Best iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs


There are a few different versions of this app, but I love Flora the most. It’s free and incredible for focus. (Another of my favorites is Study Bunny – if you prefer pets, this one is perfect for you.)

Flora helps you focus by growing plants. You pick the seed of a plant or tree you want to grow, set a timer, and put your phone down. If you exit the app, your plant will die (which is exactly as dramatic as it sounds). When the timer runs out, your plant is fully grown and  is added to your garden for you to admire. Each plant will disappear from your garden after a day or so, so you have to keep using the app to fill it back up. As you continue to use the app, you unlock new plants from other geographic regions.

One of my favorite things about Flora is the opportunity to grow a tree with a friend. You both log in together and if one of you closes the app, both of your trees will die. If you have a remote team and you’re on deadline, this is a great way to get motivated and work!

Download Flora for free here.

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Mint is a FANTASTIC budgeting app. I personally use it all the time. Mint allows you to create a budget, set savings goals, and see a detailed breakdown of what you’re spending. It also lets you review which subscriptions you’re paying each month. As someone who accidentally stayed subscribed to a service I wasn’t using for MONTHS because I forgot to cancel the free trial, that particular feature is a lifesaver.

(Mint also sends you nice alerts whenever your paycheck hits your bank – always a great motivator!)

Download Mint for free here.


I know, I know: but Reminders comes on my phone. It’s a GREAT app, and you should be using it more!

Reminders is a fantastic app for entrepreneurs. You can easily create different “lists” that contain different to-dos. I have a personal To Do list, one for Hey Jessica, one for each client I work with, etc. Then, you can easily create an item and set recurring reminders to make sure you get it done. I use Reminders for EVERYTHING, from making sure our social media posts go up at their appropriate time to remembering to water my plants (this app is probably the only reason some of my plants are still alive).

If you have upgraded your iPhone to iOS 14, you can use Widgetsmith to showcase your to-do list on your homescreen, meaning you have no excuses for forgetting to do something.

In case you deleted Reminders from your phone, you can download it here.

iPhone Apps for Entrepreneurs

Tangerine: Self-Care & Goals

Y’all know that consistency is key in business – and Tangerine motivates you to stay consistent. I’m relatively new to this app, but it has already become a MUST-HAVE on my phone. It’s the all-in-one app dedicated to achieving your goals and getting to the best version of you. It allows you to track your progress toward achieving a certain goal – it can be ANYTHING – from exercising daily to spending time working on your new course.

Tangerine will send you reminders to do the thing you need to do. You can set when you want to start, frequency, and the time you want to get it done. I’m a big fan of paper to-do lists, but they are so easy to turn over during the day and never accomplish. It’s rare that I‘m without my phone (especially because of how important it is for my work), so Tangerine keeps me on track. Once I have a streak going, I HATE breaking it – and I get motivated to continue.

The app also allows you to track your mood, write quick journal entries about how you’re doing, and measure your progress. The free version of the app only allows you to set 5 habits. If you’re looking for more than that, it offers a paid plan.

Download Tangerine: Self-care & Goals for free here.

Now, go use some of these apps to level up your phone use!

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