How to Hire a Copywriter Who “Gets” Your Voice

Hiring a writer? Pay attention. A writer represents every face of your business. It’s important (vital, key, essential, critical, you pick the adjective that suits you best) to take your time and hire a writer that is an excellent fit for your company. I'm here to walk you through how to hire a copywriter that “gets” your voice.

How To Hire A Copywriter Who “Gets” Your Voice

How to hire a copywriter who "gets" your voice

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The words on your website, social media, and online communication represent your business’s voice and represent you as the owner.

With over a decade of experience as a ghostwriter, I have precisely ONE tip for you to find the copywriter that best fits your company. 


Have any potential writer ghostwrite a short piece for you, of your choosing, at no cost. 

That’s it. 

I hear that question you’re thinking. Let me dispel any doubts right now. Any ghostwriter worth their salt (why is that a saying, anyway — salt?? —  like why isn’t it “worth their ice cream” — that would make so much more sense, anyhoo) — any ghostwriter worth their salt will not only agree to do this, if they know you are interested in hiring them for a project, they will likely suggest it! 

Here’s why this works. 

Anyone can use grammar checking software and string words together, but not everyone can represent you and your business as you. A well-fit ghostwriter can capture your voice so well that even your mom won’t notice it’s not you. It’s true! But finding that perfect candidate takes patience and good vetting. 

Asking candidates to write a test piece is beneficial for you both. It gives your potential writer the opportunity to dig deep and research your brand, and you can quickly find out if they will be a good fit.

A few of the sample projects that I’ve been asked to write as a working interview include:

  • A blogpost
  • A social media caption
  • A quip for their email newsletter
  • Short copy for a page or section of their website 
  • An email to an associate

How to Hire a Copywriter who "gets" your voice

There are some parameters to make this work: 

  • Clearly outline your offer before asking candidates to interview with you. They need a complete understanding of the job they are interviewing for, along with the pay, deliverables, and timelines. There is no reason for them to candidate if they aren’t interested in a long-term engagement.
  • Don’t ask a potential candidate to write an extensive piece free of charge. A sample or short submission is ample to determine your ability to work with the candidate. 
  • Make your expectations clear.
  • Give them tangible parameters and take your time giving feedback, both positive and negative. 
  • Equip your candidate with everything they need for success. If they need access to documents or links, be sure to include all of that with your request.

After reading their sample writing, if you believe the candidate can represent you well, have an open conversation with them, giving them feedback and suggestions. Make your offer clear and send a proposal right away. If either of you has reservations, be open and honest about them. 

The reason you have a writer candidate is to give both of you a clear idea of whether they are a good fit. Look, if a writer works hard on a piece but can’t seem to capture your voice, it’s okay! There are many writers out there, and you will find one who can.

Remember this: if you choose a writer that you work well with, that resonates with you, and captures your voice well, they could be a partner for a very long time. Invest in whatever it takes to help them be successful. Their success is your win. 

P.S. If you were impressed with the writer but don’t hire them, you can recommend them to others, leave a review on their site, and write a recommendation that they can use for other potential clients. Not only is this encouraging to the writer, it also helps them with future work.

Now, go off and hire a copywriter who gets your voice! Your business will thank you.

Click here to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation to talk about how you can find a copywriter that will fit your company. Let’s do this! 

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