5 Features of Facebook Groups You Aren’t Using

Facebook Groups are an easily accessible way to connect with your audience and potential customers. Groups can be useful to buyers at every stage of their journey, and you can use them in a variety of ways. To get the most out of your group, though, you should use these five features of Facebook Groups you aren’t using.

5 Features of Facebook Groups You Aren’t Using

Features of Facebook Groups You Aren’t Using

Facebook groups are easy to set up, but just hitting “publish” won’t get you the results you want. To do that, you’ll need to level up your game by using these 5 features of Facebook Groups.

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Create Clear Guidelines

Setting clear expectations for what your members should expect from you AND what they should offer in return is crucial for creating an engaging community. These expectations will help your group have effective communication skills. When your group members know how they can best participate and access your insight and knowledge, it will free them up to post, comment, and interact with other members and with you.

Teach about your products or service with Learning Units

If you created your Facebook Group to help members learn more about your area of expertise and the services you offer, Learning Units are a great option! You’ll encourage both engagement in the group and potentially generate sales.

Create units that:
1) Introduce a lead magnet
2) Walk them through a short challenge
3) Teach a mini-course to help your ideal customer
The possibilities are endless here, so get creative!

Allow your members to support and encourage each other with Mentorship

In your Facebook Group settings, you can activate the Mentorship Feature. The Mentorship Feature allows group members to share their knowledge and expertise in the group. Once you invite group members to become mentors, other members can select a group mentor. You could select certain people to offer mentorship related to the skills you are trying to teach your members, or allow it to be more community-based. Learn more about the Facebook Group Mentorship Feature here.

Features of Facebook Groups You Aren't Using

Use Rooms for quick meet-up experiences

This feature is relatively new, and it’s a quick way to huddle up with people, see their faces, and engage in conversations. Think Zoom or Google Meet. You can schedule a Room for Q&A time, for example, or just hop in from time to time and chat with whoever jumps on with you. Feel free to experiment with different ways to use this feature to support and connect with your audience and potential clients.

Train and utilize moderators

Ok, so this isn’t a “feature” per se, but you will definitely want to add at least one other moderator, especially as your Facebook group grows. Moderating comments, approving members, and handling the occasional negative post or comment can become overwhelming if you’re doing it alone. It’s important to set up moderators before you think you need them so that you can log off when necessary and so you’ll be prepared for the unexpected thing that pops up. And let’s face it, it’s always popping up!

So what are you waiting for? Go start a Facebook group and get connected with your current and future clients! Just be sure to utilize these 5 features to create a positive and purposeful experience that will showcase your areas of expertise, build your brand, and create a group that can’t wait for you to share your next offer.

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