How to Be a Cool YouTuber

I have discovered the literal formula to exploding on YouTube as one of the “cool YouTubers.” And I want to share it with you now… So here’s how to be a cool YouTuber, step by step!

How to Be a Cool YouTuber

Want to watch the video version of this post? I’ve got you covered!

How to be one of the COOL YOUTUBERS like Peter McKinnon, iJustine, Sara Dietschy, + Casey Neistat

Ok, this might be my favorite video I've ever made so buckle up and learn the formula for blowing up on YouTube and being one of those “Cool” YouTubers!@Sara…

I PROMISE y’all are going to want to watch the video for this one. But just in case you need a reminder, I’ll put it all below…

(Seriously, the video will make ALL of this make sense)

Step 1: Own a Tesla

I’m missing out here… so we’re pretending my minivan is a Tesla, because it’s required.

Step 2: Drink a lot of coffee…. And put a coffee montage in every video

Spoiler alert: I don’t like coffee, but a coffee cup filled with water works too 😉

Step 3: Wear sunglasses ALL THE time.

Nobody should know you have eyeballs, much less what they look like.

Step 4: Get packages and open them with the BIGGEST knife like ever

Make sure you open them in your fanciest sequence with all the added sound effects or else it just won't work.

Step 5: Have merch

You’re even cooler if you have a sponsorship with today’s sponsor, Spreadshop.

Step 6: Have some kind of motorized vehicle to ride around on

Whether it’s a scooter, a one-wheel, or something else, you need a motorized vehicle with you at all times.

Step 7: You have to have studio with a neon sign and a black wall… or you just can’t be a cool YouTuber

Now, anytime you watch iJustine, Sara Dietschy, Chris Hau, Peter McKinnon, or any of those other people I’d put in the “cool YouTuber” category, you’ll know their secret. But you gotta keep it between us, okay?

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