How to Create Social Media Graphics for Free

Dude, it's nearly Christmas, how crazy is that? I'm just over here preppin' by wrapping presents, doing some last minute shopping, wrapping up some biz-loose-ends and trying not to go freakin' crazy because I'm moving an elf

Today though, I want to talk to you about how you DO NOT have to use paid programs to create graphics for your blog, your business and/or your social media; you can 100% get away with using free programs to do this for at least a little while!

how to create social media graphics for free

My favorite program in this category is definitely Canva – their system is GOOD and it takes a lot as a Photoshop guru for me to say that, ha! You can easily create social media graphics from their templates, use your own files/images, use their files/images, use shapes, change opacity, etc.

I've created templates in Canva for clients who don't use/have Adobe programs and it has really impressed me, so definitely check that one out!

Also , if you're really not ready to learn another program, you can use POWERPOINT (or Google Slides or Keynote) to create social media graphics…crazy, right?

You can literally just make slides and convert them to images and you've created really easy images

To see me run through each of these programs, hit up the video below.

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