How I Launch Stress Free

Launching can definitely be a stressful experience. But that shouldn’t scare you off from launching something of your own! This is my method on how I launch stress free that you can use no matter what you’re launching.

How I Launch Stress Free

How I Launch Stress Free

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How I Launch Stress Free

Launches can be stressful… but if you play your cards right, they don't have to be! (I literally went to NYC after I hosted the webinar for my first successful course.) I'm telling you all the things I use to help launch stress free!

I’ve noticed that people are almost glamorizing the stress that is launching. And I learned from day one that I couldn’t keep up with that amount of stress. So, I made a plan and learned how I launch stress free. And that’s what I’m sharing with you!

Yes, you absolutely want to build excitement around your new offer and make people want it. But launching doesn’t have to be stressful, whether it’s a new product, a course, or something else. I promise!

During my second course launch (we’re not talking about my first since I literally sold zero, ha), I launched on a webinar and then left and went to New York City for two days. And it was glorious!

I knew that everything I needed for the launch was in place. My emails were scheduled and posts were ready to go out to keep the excitement up. I wasn’t tracking every click or sale or checking my email every few minutes. 

But you can have a stress-free launch even if you don’t literally run away from it! Here’s how.

How I launch stress free

1. Plan WAY ahead

You should be planning for your launches WAY ahead. And by way ahead, I mean months in advance.

You ABSOLUTELY need 6-8 weeks in advance to plan a launch. In fact, most people probably need more time. If you haven’t launched before or have only done it a few times, I would give yourself a 12 week lead time.

Why? To minimize your stress.

With 12 weeks to plan, you can get everything you need to do DONE before the launch. There should be no reason to scramble at the last minute. Things will definitely come up, but with the rest of your to-do list done, it won’t feel stressful.

2. Get as much done ahead of time as you possible can

If you’re launching something in 12 weeks, a lot of that time will be dedicated to “turning the ship” a little bit, so to speak. I teach this in-depth in my new course all about creating courses called Coursecademy™ if you’re interested. But at a glance, it means that you should be PIVOTING your content toward the thing you’re about to launch. 

Maybe people follow me because they like passive income and making sales on autopilot. If I’m launching a course about how to create a course, that’s a subset of the main reason people follow me. So I need to steer my followers in the direction of creating a course.

In addition to pivoting your content to that topic, you also need to be getting as much work done as possible for the actual course launch.

Time is the key to a stress-free life. If you allow yourself enough time to get your checkboxes done, you won’t feel stressed.

I do want to say that you shouldn’t do things SO far in advance that you lose your attachment and excitement toward what you’re launching. It might take time to find your balance there, but you’ll know it when you find it. If I do everything way ahead of time, I tend to get complacent about the launch. There’s a fine balance to create!

3. Test, test, test

You should do alllllll the testing in the “plan ahead” phase, NOT the day before your webinar.

I see people getting the most stressed when they leave checking on the technical elements until the day before their webinar. Make sure you know exactly how to go live, use your presentation, and can login to everywhere you need before it’s go time.

How I launch stress free

4. Don’t be a perfectionist!

That’s blunt, but it’s true. Mistakes will happen. We’re all human, and we’re doing the best we can. Let yourself make mistakes!

Will you have a better launch if mistakes don’t happen and you aren’t frazzled? ABSOLUTELY. But don’t be super super anal about everything, because you’ll add a ton of stress to yourself for no reason.

5. Find ways to keep yourself out of stress mode during the launch

My trip to NYC is an extreme example, but it’s still a good one! Instead of being tied to my phone, hanging on to every sale, and stressing about the numbers, I was calm.

There are lots of different ways not to stress during a launch. I always make sure there is nothing else on my calendar the day of a launch so that I can clear my head and get outside. Do whatever you need to stop yourself from feeling stressed!

6. Have a TEAM

This is the biggest element to how I launch stress free. And I am very aware that it isn’t possible for everyone, especially if this is your first launch. But if you have the ability, maybe you can offload certain tasks from your plate.

A graphic designer or project manager can make a world of difference in your stress levels.

Bonus tip: Remember that this is a short period of time!

With a launch, there will be moments of stress or overwhelm. But you can always remind yourself that this will only last for a short period of time. And you absolutely can get through it!

I REALLY hope that my methods on how I launch stress free will help you out! And don’t forget – these rules apply to launching literally everything.

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