5 key elements to a high converting webinar

Webinars are one of my favorite ways to sell my courses. They’re a super powerful sales tactic that you might be overlooking! That’s why I’m giving you the 5 key elements to a high converting webinar.

5 key elements to a high converting webinar

key elements to a high converting webinar

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5 key elements to a high converting webinar

Webinars are my personal favorite way to sell – and they have pretty amazing conversion rates! If you want to make more sales from your webinar (or try one out for the very first time), these are the 5 key elements to a high converting webinar that you need to know.

Like I said – webinars are my preferred way to sell my courses. I’ve been selling using webinars since 2016 when I sold my first online course. And I think a webinar is the BEST tool I have in my pocket to sell.

If you look at the different methods you can use to launch something, a webinar is SUPER high converting compared to other methods (think challenges, pop-up Facebook groups, etc.).

My Webinar Conversion Stats

A few years ago, I could almost guarantee that 50% of people who signed up for one of my webinars would show up live. And of those people who showed up live, about 25% of them would end up purchasing.

Those stats have dipped for me in recent years. On the last webinar I did, only 10% of people who signed up showed up live. Of those 10% who showed up live, I sold to about 15% of them. Drastically different from my former stats – that could be a me thing or an industry thing. BUT still – it’s way higher converting than other methods.

If you host a challenge, the industry standard is that about 2-3% of participants will purchase. You can see the difference there.

Depending on your offer, a webinar might not be the best sales method for you. It takes time to put a webinar together, fine-tune it, and then actually present it. Generally, I tell people that if your offer is above $500, sell it with a webinar. If it costs less than $500, sell it a different way.

Half of the battle is getting butts in seats for your live webinar. The other half of the battle is actually selling to people once they’re there – and that’s our focus here.

5 key elements to a high converting webinar

1. Your topic needs to be SPOT ON

One of the key elements to a high converting webinar is understanding what your audience needs. That means you need to know where your audience is right now and where they want to be – and your thing is what will get them there.

You need to pick a webinar topic that addresses a major roadblock they’re experiencing on their way to the place where they want to end up.

During the webinar, your goal is to help the audience understand that those roadblocks they are experiencing AREN’T actually roadblocks. Once they understand that, they’ll be ready to purchase your course.

2. Give them a reason to stay until the end of the webinar

The sales pitch happens at the end of a webinar. If you don’t give the people who show up live a reason to stick around until the end, you won’t have the opportunity to sell to them! That’s why making people stay is a key element to a high converting webinar.

I have two different strategies to convince people to stay until the end.

  • Hold the question and answer portion to the end of the webinar
  • Offer a freebie to everyone who attends the webinar that they can claim at the very end

There will be people who attend your webinar who think, “I’m not going to buy whatever is being sold here.” But those very same people, once they hear your sales pitch, could be the ones to buy. You have to make sure they stick around!

3. Teach something TANGIBLE

Want to have a high converting webinar? Don’t make it full of fluff. ACTUALLY teach in it.

There is a fine line that you have to dance around here. A webinar has a certain structure and cadence that you need to stick to in order to make sales. But you do need to make sure you’re actually teaching!

My goal with webinars is to teach people something that they can implement to grow their business, even if they don’t purchase from me. 

key elements to a high converting webinar

4. Make it interactive

Interaction with your audience is a KEY element to a high converting webinar. When you engage with your audience, they will feel like they’re part of the webinar. So they’ll sit up straighter and actually pay attention.

Think about a class that you’ve attended. There is a major difference in how much attention you pay to a teacher who is monotonous and lectures all the time versus one who calls on students and engages with the class.

I ask questions that the audience can answer in the chat. It’s as easy as that.


Don’t fly over the sales pitch of the webinar. Looking at my slides, there are at least 10 slides in each webinar where I sell my course. You have to remember that the whole point of the webinar is actually to sell.

You want people to sign up for what you’re selling. Don’t “sell yourself short” – actually sell!

The audience has COME TO YOU to learn something and get help for their problem. The thing that you’re offering them can solve that problem! Why wouldn’t you want to give them the option to have their problem solved?

Sales make people feel icky or as if you’re doing something wrong. I get it – I have a fear of car salesmen (think Matilda's dad). We can take those perceptions and let them affect our business and how we sell. Or we can take the time to re-train ourselves, change our perceptions, and do sales in a totally non-sleazy way!

I believe I’m a good salesperson now and I’m a completely honest salesperson.

So, you actually have to sell if you want to have a high converting webinar.

And those are my 5 key elements to a high converting webinar. I hope they make your webinars go smoothly and make more sales!

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