6 Ways to Evergreen Your Sales

No matter what type of business you run, you should always be looking for a way to make sales in your sleep. We’re looking at 6 ways to evergreen your sales so that you can make more money in less time, no matter WHAT type of business you own.

6 Ways to Evergreen Your Sales

Ways to Evergreen Your Sales

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6 Ways to Evergreen Your Sales

Making your sales evergreen is the BEST way to scale your business and avoid burnout. Want to stop chasing down sales every single second of the day? I've got 6 ways to evergreen your sales and make your life easier!

Even if you aren’t making “passive income” by definition, it’s still good to think about ways to evergreen your sales. If you don’t find a way to make money in your sleep, it’s going to be really hard to scale your business. And it’s going to be really hard not to get burned out if you’re the one “chasing the sales.” There are easier and better ways to bring people into your ecosystem!

Ideas to Evergreen your Sales

Free content that sells for you

We can’t talk about ways to evergreen your sales without talking about free content! This can be done with EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS, from service to product and everything in between.

Content marketing is essentially content that you put out in the world so that people who need what you do can find you… and that content sells for you! It could be a blog post, YouTube video, podcast episodes – any searchable content. (No, that doesn’t include social media because it isn’t searchable, but we’ll talk about that in a minute.)

I have a whole episode about content marketing you can check out right here.

Don’t forget to make this free content that SELLS for you. Add a way for someone to get on your email list and dropped into a sales sequence, or promote your product or service directly in the post.

Evergreen webinar

This method will be most useful for information-based businesses, but you could apply it to a service or product as well.

Find a webinar that works for you and helps SELL for you. Finding one that works for you is key. You need to test out the webinar and make sure that it actually converts, or creating an evergreen version of it will waste your time.

When you’re ready with your webinar, you can use software that allows people to sign up for a webinar time slot, get added to your email list, attend that pre-recorded webinar, and then get sold to all in one go. And after you record the webinar and set up the system? You don’t have to do anything else to make those sales. That’s why this is one of the easiest ways to evergreen your sales as an infopreneur.

You could even make directing people to the webinar a more automated task. Use your email list or other content to send people to this webinar, and boom, your job is done.

Evergreen challenge

This is another method that works best for information-based businesses. And it’s essentially the same as an evergreen webinar!

Set up a funnel that allows someone to sign up for a challenge. Then, drip that content out to them. After you run it live and make sure it converts, you could use your email marketing system to create an automation that lets people sign up for your challenge at any time.

If you can get people to sign up for this challenge, the rest of the work is done already!

You could also make this method work for a physical product. Maybe you sell plus-size women’s clothes. Your evergreen challenge could be focused on “dressing your body type in 5 days” and then you could give them a discount code to your store at the end of the fifth day. There are lots of possibilities here!

Social media content that sells for you

This is a different category than searchable content for a couple reasons:

  • People will have a hard time finding your social media content unless it’s served up to them by the algorithm. When someone is searching, you KNOW they’re interested in what you’re offering and you can’t verify that on social
  • The shelf-life is much shorter on social media than your searchable content

Still, you can create ways for the content that you’re creating on social media to lead them somewhere that sells to them.

Facebook is a lot harder to grow on than it used to be, and most people aren’t focused on Facebook strategy. But if you are, this is for you!

You could easily create a video or graphic that promotes something you’re selling and pin that to your page. So if your Facebook content does really well and leads people to visit your page, that offer is the first thing they’ll see.

On Instagram, you could create highlight bubbles that sell for you. Those live on your profile forever, and they show you talking about your offer. When anyone finds your account, they can see these bubbles.

Ways to Evergreen Your Sales

Paid Advertising

This is a sure-fire way to evergreen your sales. You can create paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, or YouTube that do the selling for you.

Yes, this is a paid method – but it’s EASY (once you learn how to operate the ads platforms).

Paid ads work pretty well if you want a continuous flow of new people buying from you. If you learn that spending $100 per week on ad nets you $1,000 in sales, you can continue to scale that up and make even more money. Past creating those initial ads, you don’t have to do anything else.

Create funnels within your email list

Once you create a funnel, you don’t have to touch it again – so it’s one of my favorite ways to evergreen your sales!

If you get people on your email list from your free content, for example, they can get added to a funnel that will eventually sell to them.

Maybe they sign up for a webinar or a challenge and don’t buy the first time. A funnel in your email list can sell to them again in the future!

The WHOLE point of evergreening your sales is to create something one time that can sell for you consistently. That’s where the magic happens. And I hope you’ve gotten a lot of ideas from this post about how to make that happen!

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