My Favorite Photoshop Tools

It’s no secret that Adobe Photoshop is one of my favorite programs EVER; I seriously use it for so so much in my business, so, I wanted to share my favorite Photoshop tools with you.

my favorite photoshop tools

When I’m creating graphics, I use four (4) tools the very most:
The shape tool, the text tool, the paint bucket tool and the clipping mask tool.

my favorite photoshop tools

I use the paint bucket tool to change the color of a shape or background.

The text tool to…well…add text.

The shape tool to create shapes on a canvas.

Then, my favorite tool of all, the clipping mask tool – I use it to add images inside of shapes like you see below.

my favorite photoshop tools

With the clipping mask tool, just make sure the image you want INSIDE of the shape is directly above the shape in the layers pallet (what are layers?), then right-click and select “create clipping mask”. Bam.

I took a little time to run through these on video for you, so you should totally watch that now!

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