Get on the First Page of Google | Naming Photos for SEO

Ooooo, y'all, this is going to be a fun series!

Who wants to learn how to get on the first page of Google? You? Ok, then. I've done it for SEVERAL of my posts and I'm breaking down exactly what I did and how you can do it too in a series of posts called “get on the 1st page of Google”.

Today's edition…naming your photos for better SEO!

Let me just say that I am in no way guaranteeing 1st page of Google results because there's A LOT that goes into it and most of it is completely out of our control.

naming photos for SEO

Ok, now, this is likely one of the EASIEST things you can do to boost SEO and it's something everybody can do regardless of what platform they're blogging on or what tools they have.

A lot of people seem to think that it's the FILE name of an image/photo that gets it seen by Google, so the actual name like “1234rfg.jpg” being changed to something like “getfoundongoogle.jpg” but that's not that case. While I do highly recommend you name your photos appropriately just for your own sake, it's definitely NOT what Google (or Pinterest or any other search engine) is looking for.

They're looking at the ALT TEXT of an image first, so you need to make sure your photos have an alt text that's appropriate to the keywords you want to be found for.

I also place the same keywords in the “title” of the image just to be safe.

Now, any platform you're using can do this but I'm showing you how it's handled on WordPress since that's what I use. Basically, when uploading or inserting an image, you literally just need to change the title and alt text to the keywords you want…

naming photos for SEO | get found on the first page of google

See, here's the image I uploaded for this post – I have “naming photos for SEO” as the title and the alt text of the image because those are the keywords I'm choosing for this post (we'll talk more about choosing keywords in another part of this series).

You want to make sure that you're using something that's making sense with the post. You'll also be glad to know that this alt text is what Pinterest pulls when someone pins the image from your site, so, if you're in to Pinterest marketing, it's always good to select your own description for your pins!

Alright, so that's it – just name your pictures in coordination with the keywords you're using on the rest of the post.

Come back soon for the next installment of

Get on the 1st Page of Google.

Oh and if you'd like a video version of this post, it's below – like always.

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