Should Your Business Be on YouTube

You've heard me (and others) talking about the benefits of YouTube for your business but SHOULD YOU BE A YOUTUBER? I mean, it's a hard decision but…the answer is simple. What you MIGHT not know though is that you can be TWO different kinds of YouTubers.

 Should Your Business be on YouTube?

Business YouTube

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But there’s more…

Alright, let’s be real, you SHOULD, absolutely, 2000% be on YouTube if you’re a business owner BUT, it may not look the way you think it does.

There are technically TWO ways to be bring your biz onto YouTube:

  1. Be a YouTuber. Try and grow on the platform, collaborate, grow subscribers and comments, etc.
  2. Use it as an asset. Utilize the SEO benefits of the platform for your business with less focus on the social game of it all.

Both are ok – heck, both are GREAT.

That’s the moral of the story: YES, you should be on YouTube but you can pick which way you want to use it.

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