How to build a sales page

how to build sales pages by Jessica Stansberry

After spending entirely too many hours updating my sales pages and sales funnels this weekend, it occurred to me that there are some of you probably have no clue how to build a sales page, so, here ya go!

how to build a sales pages

First, let's start with what a sales page is.

A sales page is a page dedicated to selling a product or service that provides more information for the buyer (totally made that up…do I sound like Webster?). That's really what it is though – a page that ONLY sells one thing.

You can see examples of my sales pages by clicking on any of the colored buttons for courses at the top of the page. Here's a preview below…

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BUT, how the H did I build that, right? Well, you have TONS of options.

BASIC: You can create a new page on your website and add your sales page content. Seriously, that easy.

INTERMEDIATE: You can use a service like Leadpages. I have used Leadpages for several months now with great success.

ADVANCED: You can code your own sales pages (or have a developer do that) into your site so you can use them anytime you need to.

Now, I'm obviously a huge fan of the “advanced” version to do this BUT even I think it sometimes takes too much freakin' time. Then, the intermediate version with Leadpages is great BUT I don't love how I can't make a LeadPage LOOK like it's a page on my site (I can put it on my site but can't “embed” it if that makes sense) plus the design restrictions are a little stifling for me. And the basic is just too basic for me – I want color blocks and images in grids and all the things.

So, since I wasn't loving ANY of those options, I found the most amazing tool EVER. Seriously.

It's called Beaver Builder. And it's sort of a hybrid between LeadPages and having your own sales pages coded into your site. Basically it lets you drag and drop ‘elements' onto any WordPress page (you could honestly build an entire website with it!) super easily. I'm a little obsessed.

Normally I am not a fan of drag-and-drop builders (Divi, I'm lookin' at you) because it results in sort of “messy” code on the backend that could cause your site to run a little slow AND jack up your SEO but this one is clean and fresh and great as far as I can tell!

PLUS, even though it's a one-time fee, I can replace Leadpages with it and it will have paid for itself in just a few months. #WINNING

Beaver Builder still keeps the formatting of my site so I can arrange the elements within a page without jacking up ANYTHING else, I think it's seriously an amazing tool.

Here's a little video of me giving you a sneak peek into using Beaver Builder.


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