Blogging strategically

I started my business in the day of the blog.

Like, people just had blogs with no rhyme or reason and no real strategy. Some people figured things out early, but, for the most party, people were just blogging for no apparent reason. They were HOPING for “big things” to happen, for something to go viral and magically change their life but, back then, nearly 7 years ago, blogs were just blogs.

Fast forward to today though and I would make the argument anywhere, anytime that EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS needs a blog and I actually HAVE made that statement here on the blog before.

So meta, right? Blogging about why you should blog and linking to the blog. Teehee.

Here's the thing though, you have to be blogging strategically – with a purpose and with the end-game in mind to be able to take advantage of it to it's fullest capabilities.

I call this “strategic blogging” or “blogging with a purpose”.

Do you want everyone who reads your blog to become a customer? Do you want them to get on your email list? What is that end goal?

Well, I'm not going to give the answers away just yet because I'm speaking on this EXACT topic at Inspired Retreat in just 6(ish) weeks.

My friend Amber Housley is the lovely host of this retreat and, although I've never been, I KNOW it won't disappoint because I know Amber. Anywho, the purpose of this blog post today is just a little different. I'm really wanting to make sure I answer all of your questions (especially if you'll be there) about blogging with a purpose and blogging to make the sale so I want you to CLICK HERE (this will take you to this week's Vlog episode on the YouTube channel) and comment with your question about blogging for your business.

Also, I REALLY want you to head over HERE and check out Inspired Retreat; I think there are a few spots left and I would LOVE to hang witchya there!

—–> Ok, now, here's this week's Vlog episode…

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