What is a WordPress Plugin?

Well, hello there ;). Do WordPress Plugins have you confused and overwhelmed? Don’t shut down just yet. As your nerdy business BFF, it’s my duty and pleasure to tell you what plugins are all about.

Mind reader mode: I hear you thinking, “Why do I even need plugins? What the flip are they anyway?! I’m using WordPress, but what are these plugin thingies?”

Oh, have I got the answers for you. Hop down this little rabbit hole to find out what a WordPress plugin is and how you can use it in your business.

In very basic terms, a plugin is something that helps a WordPress website run better or differently.

That’s it.

Just think about how important this can be. When you imagine your dream website, I’m sure it’s pretty and runs real nice with all the bells and whistles. Well, a lot of that vision actually comes from a WordPress plugin or two.

I love me some WordPress. Seriously, I think everyone should be on WordPress. I can’t say it enough!

What’s awesome about WordPress is that it’s super custom. I mean, you can customize it to do so. many. things. Like literally an infinite amount of things.

Everybody’s wish list and wants for customizations on a WordPress site are different. You might want to show your Instagram posts a certain way or have a special email form or even optimize your website with a fantastic program.

Plugins allow you to create a WordPress site that looks or runs the way you want it to.

You could have a plugin that helps with your contact page. The person next to you could have a different plugin for their contact page. You could have a plugin that helps you build sales pages or show your Pinterest feed.

Basically, plugins are just little things that allow WordPress to run differently or better than it does out of the box. Imagine if we didn’t have plugins. Hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites would all look somewhat similar. That’s not cool. We are too unique for that.

WordPress plugins are tools we use to give us that unique look and optimization we need on an individual level. Your business or blog isn’t the same as anyone else’s and it shouldn’t look like an imitation either.

Want to know how unique your WordPress can be? Just take a look at the over 50,000 plugins online. Wowza.

On top of it all, plugins are easy. They’re just little additions to WordPress that spiff up your design. If you’ve ever downloaded one yourself you know it’s as easy as hitting one simple button.

And then, ta-da, you’re one step closer to your WordPress vision. All thanks to a handy little WordPress plugin.

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