Best iPad Apps for Entrepreneurs

I finally got my 2020 iPad Pro in the mail – and today, I’m showing you the best iPad Apps for entrepreneurs and an unboxing video!

Best iPad Apps for Entrepreneurs (+ 2020 iPad Pro Unboxing!)

Best iPad apps for entrepreneurs

Want to watch a video version of this post? I’ve got you covered.

Unboxing my 2020 iPad Pro + my Favorite Apps for Entreprenuers

It's here! When I went to order a new iPad, the BRAND NEW ones were on their way out so I held out and grabbed one but felt like it took FOREVER to get here….

If you want to see the iPad Pro unboxing and some first impressions, go check out the video linked above! If you’re here to learn about the best apps for entrepreneurs, keep on reading.

Get the Digital Product Blueprint

Let’s dive in and talk about the best iPad Pro apps and functionalities for entrepreneurs! I know a lot of people have wondered whether or not the iPad Pro is worth the investment. If you’re someone who doesn’t do video editing OR edits their videos on iMovie, then the iPad Pro could completely replace your laptop.

I have the smaller Macbook Pro (13 inches), and I don’t edit videos on my laptop because it bogs it down, so this could entirely replace my laptop.

It does take some time to get used to using the iPad app versions of programs rather than the web browser version on your computer. With ClickUp, my project management system, the app looks different than the web browser version – but you can’t access ClickUp from a web browser on a tablet. The other place I’ve seen that be a problem is with Google Docs and Google Sheets. I was working on building something in Google Sheets, and on the iPad I had to use the app – which is totally fine. The issue was that it didn’t have the same functions as the desktop browser view. If you’re comfortable with using app-based programs, then this could be your new “laptop,” so to speak.

Best Apps for Work

Gmail, Google Docs, and DropBox are pretty obvious apps you’ll want to use as an entrepreneur. I’m going to cover some of the non-obvious apps.


You all have heard me talk about GoodNotes plenty of times in the past. It’s a great note taking app (and it’s where I create my digital planners, which you can check out here!).

GoodNotes is a super flexible note taking app. You can write with the Apple Pencil or type with the Magic Keyboard, depending on your preference. The coolest part is that even when you use the pencil, your handwriting is searchable. I’ll be honest – I have chicken scratch when I’m in a hurry, and I still think GoodNotes does a great job finding the text I need it to find.

I use GoodNotes a LOT. I love paper stationery, but it’s not the most efficient way for me to work because I tend to lose notes or forget where I wrote them down. GoodNotes keeps everything in one place.

ClickUp 2.0

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention ClickUp! The ClickUp 2.0 app is SO much better than their first iteration as an app. With the new app, I have no complaints. You get pretty much the same functions as you do in a web browser, although like I said a minute ago, things are in a different place because they’re built for a different use.

If you’re looking for a project management system, ClickUp is a great iPad app to use for that.


Voxer is a walkie talkie app. I use that all the time with my team and with my friends. We can walkie talkie back and forth all day long without having to sit on the phone. I use it all the time on my phone, but it’s been great to have it on my iPad. If I leave my phone charging in another room, I know I can access my team’s messages on it.


I always use Notes. I LOVE being able to access them across different devices. It’s easy to go in, type an Instagram caption on the magic keyboard, and then copy and paste it on my phone into Instagram.


I hate the Canva app on my phone because I feel like it never works right. I love using Canva on my browser (even though I’m a big Photoshop user, sometimes Canva is easier). If I need an arrow in one of my YouTube videos, for example, it’s easy to go into Canva and pull an arrow really quickly versus having to go buy arrows and use them in Photoshop. I use Canva to make Instagram posts, to make covers for my IG Reels, and I think it has a really great app for the iPad. It functions much better than the phone version!

If you are not editing videos with a premiere program OR you don’t need full functionality of Photoshop, you can easily replace your laptop with an iPad Pro. It’s fast and I haven’t found anything yet that bogs it down.

Something else that I’m really excited to try with my iPad is using it as a second screen! I have seen other people do it, but I haven’t fully tried it yet. You can use AirPlay from your MacBook or your iMac and use what you’re using on your desktop on the iPad. Recently, I saw someone using their iPad this way for Photoshop. When they used the iPad Pro as their second screen, they were able to use the pencil on Photoshop and get very close lines. That could be incredibly useful!

Is the iPad Pro really worth it?

The iPad Pro is expensive – way more expensive than the other iPad alternatives. If you’re going to use it to replace your laptop, I definitely think it’s worth the money. If you’re just using it as a tablet and to use social media, I don’t know that it’s worth it. As far as Goodnotes goes, I was always frustrated on my smaller iPad trying to use it because I couldn’t fit full documents on my screen. I do really like the screen size on this iPad Pro. If you want something bigger, go for it!

If you’re thinking about grabbing the iPad Pro or anything else I mentioned in this video, you can buy it right here!

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