7 Things Every Home Office Needs

Whether you’re a seasoned work-from-home professional or are brand new to the easy commute from bed to office, here are seven things every home office needs!

7 Things Every Home Office Needs

7 Things Every Home Office Needs

I was pretty nervous about working from home at first. After a few months of taking classes online and working from my bedroom, I realize I enjoy working from home. I feel comfortable, productive, and rested (waking up 45 mins before work starts beats my 1.5 hour commute from my last job by a MILE).

Here are 7 things every home office needs according to WFH professionals (and me!) that will make you want to work at your actual desk instead of on your couch.

Essential 1: The Laptop Setup | A Laptop Stand/Bluetooth Keyboard

If you work from a laptop, these two things are a must-have package deal. Even when I was conscious about sitting at my desk to do work on my laptop, it made my shoulder pain ten times worse because I was looking down at my screen. The combination of a laptop stand and bluetooth keyboard are lifesavers for your neck.

This is the laptop stand that I use, and a super light bluetooth keyboard that's the same size as the one on my laptop.

Essential 2: A Wireless Mouse

Even though you can buy bluetooth keyboards with trackpads on them, I prefer to use a wireless mouse. I like this Jelly Comb wireless mouse because the clicks are quiet, it doesn’t require a mousepad, and it has both USB-C and USB plug-ins.

If you’re looking for a bigger investment, Aaron Cote, a business owner in the digital marketing/SEO sector, recommends you go with a gaming mouse.

“When it comes to technology, I've come to the realization that ‘gaming' usually translates to high-performance and colorful lights. The gaming mouse that I purchased came with 11 buttons strategically placed across it that I've been able to program with different keyboard shortcuts. Some buttons raise and lower the volume, others run time-saving macros, and my favorite one allows me to open the last chrome tab that I closed. The colorful lights are definitely an added bonus.”

This gaming mouse has seven programmable buttons. Note: Mac operating systems will not support the full functionality of a gaming mouse – to use the buttons, you need a PC!

Essential 3: The Planner

You NEED a planner to work from home. I promise. If you’re into the idea of going digital, you should check out Jessica’s Digital Planning Starter Pack!

I’m a big fan of paper planners with a vertical layout for work-from-home. I switched over from an Erin Condren LifePlanner to the Recollections vertical planner from Michaels and I LOVE it. It’s the same dimensions and is currenlty on sale!

Get the Digital Product Blueprint

Essential 4: The Sound Setup

A big perk of working from home is that you can choose your sound setup – whether you prefer blasting music or drowning out the rest of the world, it’s up to you!

Jeneva Aaron, home decor blogger with the House Wire, said that her must-have is a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

“It’s nearly impossible to concentrate, even if someone is watching the little ones. I used to have this problem. My husband would hang out with the kids while I worked, but even the sound of the TV two rooms over was distracting. Once I got some noise-canceling headphones, though, my life got a lot easier.”

This pair of noise-canceling headphones can help you stay focused all day.

7 Things Every Home Office Needs

Essential 5: Good Lighting

Mark Webster, the co-founder of Authority Hacker and long time work-from-home professional, recommends getting some temperature adjusting bulbs!

“Traditional light bulbs you buy at the store are known to have a very warm color temperature (around 3000k). That's great when you're trying to create a cozy warm house atmosphere, but when you're staring at a bright screen all day, this color temperature is a terrible choice. That's why I strongly suggest investing in a set of temperature adjustable bulbs. You can set them to a much more natural, white color (around 5000k) while working to keep your eyes from straining.”

Here’s a two-pack of temperature changing smart lightbulbs (they even work with Siri)!

Essential 6: Things to Keep You Active

Commute time is still down, working out is harder, and we’re all spending more time indoors and (likely) less time moving. Home office additions to keep you active are critical!

John Pinedo, Founder of Freedom Bound Business, has been keeping active with an under-desk treadmill. You can get your own here.

“Since our local gyms have closed due to Covid-19 and because it’s summer, my under desk treadmill has been able to keep me productive and healthy in the last few months. On average, I'm walking seven miles per day while getting my work done on my standing desk, which is more than I used to walk a day before COVID-19.”

Essential 7: Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

When you’re staring at a screen all day, your eyes need some protection! A pair of blue-light blocking glasses has made a HUGE difference in my work-from-home routine. I'm migraine-prone, and I get fewer headaches and have less eye strain when I wear the glasses all day. Cyxus is one of my favorite brands because they have sales all the time – this is the pair I wear the most.

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