Five Ways to Make Sure Your Personality Shows Through in Your Copy

Bring your personality into your brand copy to attract your ideal audience. They’re gonna love you! Here’s five ways to make sure your personality shows through in your copy.

Five Ways to Make Sure Your Personality Shows Through in Your Copy

Five Ways to Make Sure Your Personality Shows Through in Your Copy

To bring authenticity to your brand, your personality needs to shine through in all of your brand copy. It’s not hard. As a matter of fact, it can be fun!

Gone are the days of faceless companies with zero character. Your audience craves connection with the face behind the brand. This gives you a freedom that stuffy businesses of old didn’t have.

Don’t be intimidated, just be you.

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YOU BE YOU (repeat)

If I were to break out in song and ask you to sing along with me, what would you do? Would you belt it out, loud and proud? Would you hum quietly to yourself? Would you stare and blink? Additionally, would you get up and dance, sit and tap your foot, or close the door and wait quietly for me to go away?

Singers and dancers, unite! As you sing and dance with me, likely you will attract more singers and dancers. That’s awesome! Embrace it, and attract others with your flamboyancy.

What about the quiet ones who want to join in simply by watching and humming along – there is nothing wrong with that! Can’t you see it now? These fringe partiers are all resonating with each other now – humming and tapping and thoroughly enjoying the show. 

If you’re one that shuts the door, that is okay too. Imagine – you shut the door and post on your FB page how there is a conga line outside your office door and share how you feel about this process. Guess what? You’re gaining your own audience: those who prefer to work while at work so they can play after work, away from the office. These are your people. And they will love your real ways. 

Are any of these wrong? NO! ((okay, maybe the people doing the conga while they are supposed to be working are a little off base but let’s not dwell on that – K?)) You can use your personality to attract your perfect audience as long as you do it with authenticity. Not everyone will be like you. But everyone will be drawn to uniquely, passionately you as you are on this journey.

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Personality Shows Through in Your Copy


Imagine you are having a conversation with your audience. Use phrases you use in real life, share what you love about your brand, and invite them into the conversation with you. Freely share your vision, your aspirations, and bring your audience into the journey with you.


Do you have a southern drawl? Y’all can show that accent in the way you write. Are you a smarty pants who loves data and statistics? Then, by all means, flaunt your intelligence and use it to your advantage! After all, 87% of buyers say authenticity is a key factor in their decision to purchase from or follow a brand. If you love humor, don’t be shy. Share a joke or a funny story with your audience regularly. (I’m not funny so I won’t try to mimic this one,  you’re welcome). Now, this doesn’t mean you can get sloppy or be unprofessional. But we all know you aren’t a sloppy person, so that shouldn’t be an issue.


When a customer visits your website, do they immediately understand how you solve their problem? If so, they already have an emotional connection with you. Your photos, web copy, cornerstone content, social media posts, and graphics should not only resonate with how your product solves their problem but also demonstrate your why. When they understand how you solve their problem AND that you are excited to do so, this will deepen their loyalty to your brand.


Lean in, friend. Listen for a minute. If you’re going to allow your personality to show through in your copy, it needs to show through everywhere. You can’t go being all stuffy on your website and crack jokes on IG. Find that sweet spot where you can shine but still offer the professionalism necessary for a trustworthy brand.


I see this all the time. Please don’t do this. Are you ready? ((deep breath)) Okay, copy = words. So yes, your copy needs to resonate with your personality. BUT – so do your graphics! Don’t just choose photos because they are pretty. The photos on your website tell your brand’s story every bit as powerfully as your words. Every. Single. Graphic. Every photo connected to your brand, from your logo to your website images to the graphics you post on social media MUST continue to tell your story. Always. Forevermore.

PRO TIP: If you are planning to hire a copywriter or content writer, always, always, and I do mean ALWAYS interview them and request a sample piece or two before hiring them. They are going to be the voice of your company. If your new hire can’t mimic your voice, you will likely lose loyal readers. Any writer worth their salt will gladly accept this request.

Here’s the deal. I have had multiple clients that I have helped find ANOTHER copywriter because I just was unable to grasp their vision and voice fully. Understanding that we have clients we can serve well, and clients that might be better served by another professional, is part of the business. You won’t offend them; this vetting process is necessary to find the best match. We are all mature adults here.

Never Forgotten

Following these 5 ways to make sure your personality shows through in your copy will make sure your brand is on the right track. By allowing your personality to show in your copy, you invite an emotional response from your reader. Emotional responses connect directly with memory. So, if you want your brand to be remembered, be real.

If your reader connects with you, they will remember you. If they remember you, they will be back.

If they forget you, well, you know the rest.

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