7 Instagram Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Follow

We’re all spending time scrolling through social media. Why not curate your feed to motivate you in life and business while you’re at it? Here are 7 Instagram accounts entrepreneurs should follow that will provide helpful tips and encouragement along your business journey!

7 Instagram Accounts Entrepreneurs Should Follow

Instagram accounts entrepreneurs should follow

Let's talk about some accounts whose posts will add to your feed AND “feed” your business at the same time!

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Own It Academy, @theownitacademy

The Own It Academy is a business that Jordan Lee Dooley founded to provide education for women looking to start businesses at home. It features a ton of practical business advice, motivational quotes, and reminders for new and more experienced business owners.

The account recently went through a rebrand, so the grid is smaller than some other accounts. That means now is the PERFECT time to give it a follow so you don’t miss out! They are also about to release a helpful course for new business owners called The Starter that walks you through the beginning processes of starting a business. You can learn a lot more on their Instagram highlights!

CEO SCHOOL, @ceoschool

The CEO School is all about helping women succeed in business. According to their bio, only 2% of female founders hit the $1,00,000 mark and they want to change it! Founded by Suneera Madhani and Shannon Monson, CEO SCHOOL has carousel posts packed with information about sales, how to persevere, and being a woman in business.

She Did It Her Way, @shediditherway

If you’re a relatively new entrepreneur, the She Did It Her Way account is a great place to start! Their mission is to help new entrepreneurs grow their confidence and implement useful systems so they can make waves in business. Their feed is beautifully curated and it’s full of motivational content and some free trainings from Amanda Boelyn, the founder of She Did It Her Way and host of the podcast by the same name.

Girlboss, @girlboss

You are very likely already following Girlboss – but if you aren’t, then go give them a follow right now! This Instagram account is FULL of motivation, memes, and content geared at women who own businesses. They even have a job board full of open positions to help you find your dream job, if going full entrepreneur isn’t your end game. They also post often about live workshops that they’re hosting with incredible women, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, Instagram is the place to find out more!

Instagram accounts entrepreneurs should follow

Girls Building Empires, @girlsbuildingempires

Girls Building Empires is another massive Instagram account targeted toward women who are getting stuff done in their businesses. Most of their content is motivational, but the cute, original graphics are absolutely worth a follow! Whenever you’re feeling down, giving this account a look can give you the confidence you need to keep going.

Suzy Holman, @suzyholman

Suzy Holman is a 7-figure entrepreneur who is killing it in the business game. She’s ALL about Instagram, and her account is loaded with motivation, practical advice on growing your Instagram. She also shares a lot of business behind-the-scenes content, which is always a useful motivational tool.

Hey Jessica, @heyjessicaco

Shameless self-promotion here – we totally think you should follow the Hey Jessica account on Instagram if you're an entrepreneur, too! We've got all the motivational content to spruce up your fee d(and some fun gifs, too). Plus, we post all the new content on the blog every day so you won't miss a thing.

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