5 Things To Learn from Other Facebook Groups

Want to build a great Facebook group? Using this list of 5 things to learn from other Faceboook groups is an easy way to find out what really works!

Facebook Groups | 5 Things To Learn from Other Facebook Groups

5 things to learn from other Facebook groups

One of the greatest things about Facebook groups is their ability to bring like-minded people together, creating community, inspiration, and collaboration. In the female entrepreneur space, there are several that can help you elevate your business and give you strategies to succeed. However, being a part of a Facebook group can also help you learn how to create your own successful Facebook group for your ideal clients even if they aren’t geared toward “entrepreneurship,” per se.  

Here are 5 things to study from the Facebook groups you enjoy the most.

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Who is their audience?

This is the first thing you need to think about, as it will affect the other four aspects that you will study in the group. Of course, if you are in the group, YOU are their audience. Is your customer also like you, or do you reach someone else? This is important because what may attract you and keep you engaged in your favorite groups may not be the same for your ideal client. But, for the sake of this article, let’s assume that your ideal client is similar to you.

What is their posting schedule?

When thinking about the groups you enjoy the most, pay attention to how often they post. Scroll through a month’s worth of posts, focusing on content from the brand or group manager. This will reveal whether or not they have a consistent schedule or seem to post on a whim. There is nothing wrong with either technique, depending on the audience and time you have to manage, but just jot down what you see and we’ll dive deeper in the next two sections.

What are the types of posts?

After you’ve taken a look at when they post, pay attention to what they post. Are there weekly live videos? Q&A posts? Perhaps there are blog posts or questions from the host of the group asking for feedback on new products or services? Make a list of the various post types and then you’re ready for the next step.

5 things to learn from other Facebook groups

What posts get the most engagement?

Of the various post types and times, which posts are getting the most engagement? Chances are that they are the ones that are specifically asking for engagement, but get specific. Do group members like polls or live Q&As? What about posts from other group members? How do they rank with engagement?

How is the group manager and/or team connecting with the group members?

This is the number one factor in creating a successful Facebook group; engaging with the group members consistently and genuinely. How do the groups you are in make you feel? Do you feel like you have a voice? That you can ask questions? Share feedback? How is that communicated to you? 

There is so much to learn, even from things that we do every single day. Next time you are scrolling on Facebook or checking out the notifications from your Facebook groups, take the opportunity to use this list 5 things to learn from other Facebook groups and pay attention to what is drawing and keeping your attention! If you decide that a Facebook group is something you want to try to connect with your customers, then do more of those things!

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