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So, you’re getting started with email marketing and you’re wondering what the difference REALLY is between MailChimp vs ConvertKit. I’m here to break it down for you! (Spoiler: there’s one that will make a MASSIVE difference in your email marketing!)

MailChimp vs ConvertKit

MailChimp vs ConvertKit

If you own a business, email marketing should DEFINITELY be part of your strategy! It’s the only place that you have ownership of your audience. If Instagram and Facebook shut down today (which is totally possible, because it just happened last week!) you would lose access to all of those followers… but if you have an email list, you can access those people anywhere at anytime! You could print off that list and carry it in your pocket if you wanted.

That’s why choosing the right email marketing platform is crucial. So I’m telling you the down-low on MailChimp vs ConvertKit!

MailChimp vs ConvertKit (and why I think ConvertKit wins every time)

1. Want higher deliverability and open rates? Go with ConvertKit

ConvertKit has WAY higher deliverability and open rates than MailChimp.

MailChimp emails tend to go to spam because they’re very image-heavy. ConvertKit, on the other hand, is text-based, so you know it’ll end up in your subscribers’ inbox!

Even when MailChimp emails do make it to the inbox, the MailChimp format tends to make the email LOOK spammy. (Think of those daily sales emails you get from Kohls.) Your business emails are NOT spam, so don’t use a service that marks them as one!

Here’s what my emails look like in ConvertKit. It looks like it came from a friend!

MailChimp vs ConvertKit

So, ConvertKit emails are more likely to make it to the inbox AND get opened once they land there.

2. ConvertKit customer service ROCKS

The ConvertKit team really cares about your success. It's easy to get in touch with someone when you need them, and they're quick to respond to your questions. I LOVE supporting businesses with good employees, and ConvertKit definitely fits that bill!

MailChimp customer service is much less accessible. With their free or less expensive plans, you don’t have the ability to email support at all after 30 days… so if you need to send an email and their site crashes, you’re out of luck.

ConvertKit definitely prioritizes YOU as their customer.

MailChimp vs ConvertKit

3. ConvertKit gets you that Know, Like, and Trust factor quicker

If you want your subscribers to buy from you, they need to know, like, and trust you. Building a genuine relationship with your email subscribers is key, and ConvertKit makes it easy.

Like I said before, emails you send from ConvertKit look like they’re coming from a friend. Rather than an email that looks like spam from another big business, you can connect with your subscribers on a personal level. And when your subscribers feel like friends, they’ll trust you – and your income will increase, too.

There you have it, folks. ConvertKit will help actually get your emails to your subscribers mailboxes, their team will help you out when you need it, and your conversion rates will skyrocket. Trust me.

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